A WOMAN has asked if she was in the wrong for not letting a passenger jump the queue at a busy airport.

The woman said she was flying via Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with her husband, when they were waiting in huge security queues which were "literally outside the airport".

She said on Reddit: "We were in line for an hour and a half before we got to passport [control].

"We had a chip in ours so luckily, we did the self-service area. We had two people in front of us before it was our turn and a man from the non-chip line came up to me and put himself in front of us and said he was in the wrong line."

The woman said she pointed to where the back of the line was which was "maybe 10 people deep" but he still asked to go ahead of them.

She continued: "I immediately said no because our flight was boarding 20 mins ago and we had 10 mins to get to the gate which was of course, the farthest possible.

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" He kept saying 'we're in this together' And that I should let him through.

"My husband cut in and said no and that's that."

She finished by saying a guy behind let him in, and that while she usually wouldn't mind helping someone in a rush, she said she had to put her foot down.

Despite asking if she was in the wrong, everyone on Reddit was saying the same thing and that the stranger shouldn't have pushed.

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One person said: "You were right to tell him No. That guy was playing you."

Someone else agreed: "I don’t even particularly like it when people ask if they can cut in line but he just pushed in front of you. If you’re all in this together then he can go to the back of the queue where he belongs."

A third said: "It's not your fault he was in the wrong line, that's his responsibility. Respect to him for asking and not just cutting, but you said no and he should've respected that."

However, earlier this year people were divided after a man called out a single mum who tried to jump the queue at an airport.

Some people were on his side, saying they hate queue-jumpers, but others said he should have been more sympathetic.

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