A WOMAN was left stunned after she refused to swap seats with a family during a flight – only to find their child crawling over her in response.

In a video posted on TikTo by userDiary of a Solo Traveler, she revealed how a family asked her to move from the window seat so they could sit together.

However, she had her seat next to the window to try and get some sleep on the six-hour flight.

She said: "I get to my row and this woman asked me, 'Do you want an aisle seat?', and I said, 'No thank you, I got the window, I want the window.'"

The woman explained how the mother was taken aback because she wanted the window seat for her husband who was sitting elsewhere on the plane.

She added: "I think out of spite this woman refused to deal with her child because of it.

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"I fell asleep before we took off and when I woke up the child was climbing on top of me."

The woman said she didn't know what to do, so she forced herself to "pass out" and "sit through the most uncomfortable flight".

The video has been viewed over 230,000 times with many people on the influencer's side in the comments.

However, many wanted to know why she didn't alert a flight attendant to the situation.

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One wrote: "I would have told the woman to control her child."

While another said: "I would have said remove the child off me or I will."

Other people believed the mum was to blame entirely for expecting the woman to move: "The nerve to get upset when she didn’t properly plan or buy all the seats together."

It isn't the first time something like this has happened – another woman refused to trade plane seats with a mum who'd been separated from her child.

While another passenger has sparked a debate on Reddit after refusing to swap seats with a woman and her disabled partner.

A mum has revealed how she gets passengers to swap seats without causing any problems during a flight.

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