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A WOMAN has revealed what she claims to be the "best packing hack of all time" – but no one else agrees with her.

Fitting everything you need into your suitcase is one of the more frustrating aspects of going on holiday, but there are ways to make it easier.

Tiktok is full of advice from other travellers who profess to have the best packing methods, although sometimes they aren't as good as people make out.

That appears to be the case with Niya Esperanza (@niyaesperanza), who boasted that her packing hack was "the best of all time".

In her video, she showed her unique folding method that required very little effort and ensured she had one side of her suitcase spare for shoes and toiletries.

She said: "I have the best packing hack of all time. I do not understand how this works, I don't understand the physics of it, it melts my brain every single time.

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"If you are trying to fit a lot of things into a little suitcase, I have the best method, and I'm going to teach it to you.

"The first thing you're going to do is you're going to find a big item of clothing, a big piece of clothing and you're going to lay it flat like so.

"You're then going to pile everything else on top of it. Not folded, just lay it flat like it is being ironed."

Having laid all her clothes out flat, Niya then grabbed the jacket she had put on the bottom of the pile and folded it in half, with all her other clothes sandwiched in the middle.

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She continued: "Now it is laid all flat, you take your bottom item and you fold it over.

"It's still going to be able to compact down to be zipped. You fold. And now you have extra room right here."

Next to her jumble of folded clothes, Niya revealed that there was a gap, in which she added her underwear and two more pairs of trousers.

After pressing down on the pile of clothes, she was able to zip them in place, meaning she had effectively squashed her clothes into one side of her case.

She added: "It's kind of tight, but it's going to work."

Niya's video has been seen more than a million times, but not many people were on board with her method.

One said: "Rolling and packing cubes – those are the hacks. Sorry this gave me anxiety."

A second wrote: "This is not a method, it was so much shoving. Roll it!"

A third simply added: "This is not the best packing hack. I’m so sorry."

However, there were one or two people who appreciated the tactic.

One said: "My friends think I’m crazy for packing like this but IT WORKS!!"

Travel writer Skye Sherman has a packing hack she uses to help her avoid forgetting some essential items when she goes away.

She explained that she has a "ready-to-go" toiletry bag stuffed full of medication, suncream and beauty products which sits untouched in her bathroom at home.

All the toiletries she needs for her holiday are in the bag and any liquids are under 100ml so she can take them onboard a flight if she is only using hand luggage.

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Meanwhile, these are some of the best packing hacks available on Tiktok.

And this very strange packing tip proved to be unexpectedly popular online.

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