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AN AIRLINE has come up with a genius way to make sure its passengers don't miss out on either sleep or food on their flights – and it's incredibly simple.

Often, people want to sleep on planes, but don't because they're scared to miss out on the meal service.

Similarly, people are sometimes woken up by flight attendants to be offered a meal, when they didn't actually want to eat.

Now a Tiktoker has revealed how at least one airline has come up with a genius, yet simple, solution to the problems caused by sleeping passengers.

Each person on board Iceland Air flights is given a set of three stickers, one red, one yellow, one blue.

The red one urges flight attendants to not disturb sleeping passengers, the yellow one means passengers do wish to be woken for food and the blue sticker is a signal to wake people for the duty free trolley.

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Those aiming to get some shuteye simply select the sticker that corresponds to their own wishes, stick it to their seat or their clothes and they're able to drift off happily.

Megan Homme (@meganhomme) showed the system in use with a video she shared to Tiktok.

In the footage, she is seen selecting the yellow 'wake me up for food' sticker ahead of her journey.

She said: "I've never seen this on a flight before…

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"I missed breakfast on my first flight so not letting that happen again."

The video has been seen more than three million times, with other people impressed by the simple yet effective system.

One said: "Oh my god these are perfect, that way you don't miss out on food if you're taking a nap."

Another wrote: "I missed 2 meals on my 18 hour flight… I COULD HAVE USED THIS."

A third added: "Why don't they all have these? I forced myself to stay awake just so I wouldn't miss the meals/snacks/drinks."

Others even suggested extra stickers that could be added, with one person saying there should be an option for those who want to keep sleeping, but still have a meal.

They suggested: "There needs to be one that says, 'don’t not disturb, but leave food!'"

For those who want to get their food eaten quickly so they can go to sleep sooner, there are ways you can ensure your food is brought out first.

Caroline Kneitz worked as a flight attendant for Emirates for more than six years and picked up a couple of tricks in her time for making her flights more enjoyable.

One of them is a tactic for getting meals before anyone else on board the aircraft.

She revealed that those who order special meals will always be served first, so that meal services will run smoother.

She told Mail Online: "If you’re sticking to plane food and want your food served early, then all you need to do is order a special meal such as vegan or Kosher.

"Special meals, which have to be pre-ordered in advance, are always dished out first.

"If you're on a night flight getting your meal earlier is particularly useful as you can get to sleep quicker."

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Meanwhile, another Tiktok user has gone viral for revealing a free way to take extra items on a plane.

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