Woman reveals very clever plane feature that lets you watch films on your phone | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how passengers can watch films on their phone without holding the device in their hands.

TikTok user Georgia Maneta, who is known as manetaki on the platform, shared the hack on her social media account.

She captioned the post: "They didn't understand the assignment."

The video panned across to two other passengers who were sat on the opposite row.

The travellers had clipped their phones onto upright tray tables using the sick bag method.

This involves wedging the bottom of the plane's sick back between your case and your phone so that it can dangle over the top of the tray table when it's folded up.

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She then filmed the tray table in front of her seat and pulled upwards on the raised edge of a tray table.

After she'd pulled on the upwards arrow, a small tray table folded down to reveal a space where passengers can place their phone.

The video has been viewed more than 7.9 million times, and liked by 120,000 people.

Many users rushed into the comments voicing their own opinions on the plane phone holder.

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One person wrote: "I was on a flight for four hours and didn’t know what it was for until the last 20 minutes."

Other people thought the makeshift holder used by the other passengers was better.

One person wrote: "That holder puts my phone at an uncomfortable angle. their way is so much better."

While someone else added: "tt doesn't fit my phone when I try it."

Several people pointed out that not all airlines have the phone holder inside the tray tables.

This isn't the first time a plane seat hack has gone viral on TikTok.

A man, who goes by the name strollinginthesuburbs, revealed how holidaymakers can adjust the headrest on a flight to make their journey much more comfortable.

Meanwhile another man was hailed as a "lifesaver" for sharing the easy way he watches films on his flight, and everyone is bound to have the equipment he uses.

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