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A WOMAN has slammed an airline online after they tried to make her pay for an oversized bag that easily fit into their luggage checkers.

The passenger was told she would have to pay an extra $99 (£81) because her bag was too big for the cabin.

However, she proved the airport staff wrong by easily slotting her bag into the size checkers, showing that it was clearly within the limits.

Airlines will often make extra money by charging passengers to bring extra luggage on board the plane.

American carrier Frontier are no different – and they tried to make Tiktoker Deja (@dejatheexplorer) pay to take her suitcase on the aircraft as carry on.

However, she said that she left the staff "fuming" when she demonstrated that she didn't need to pay any extra for her luggage.

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In a video on Tiktok, she showed how easily her bag fit the airline's size limits by putting it into the size checker.

The video is captioned: "When the Frontier gate agent told me to go to the counter because my bag cost $99 extra…"

It has been seen more than 2.6million times and people were delighted to see Deja get one over the airport staff.

One wrote: "Nothing, and I mean nothing, could give me a high like this. I’m so happy for you."

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Another said: "They're about to be big mad with us and our mini luggage."

A third added: "I know they were fuming."

Deja responded, saying: "She was!! She said I would have to pay with so much confidence in her voice too. WRONG."

Passengers have previously taken drastic measures to avoid having to pay for their bigger bags.

A group of easyJet customers were seen snapping the wheels off their cases to make sure they fit the airline's sizes.

Footage of the frustrated passengers was shared to Tiktok by user Anna (@annapalumbo91).

In the video the travellers are seen stamping and pulling the wheels to remove them from their cases.

It has caption in Italian, which translates to: "Thank you easyJet.

"When you don't want to pay for the 3cm difference."

Another man was filmed stamping on his suitcase to make sure it fit into the size checkers.

A meticulous airline worker insisted he proved that his bag was within the regulation size, but it proved to be a tighter squeeze than he first expected.

But he was still intent on making the bag fit, so much so that he kicked and shoved the bag to make sure he was able to take it on board.

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Meanwhile, travellers love this bag that they claim prevents them from having to pay for hand luggage.

And this woman revealed a hack to get extra hand luggage on a flight.

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