A WOMAN was left feeling annoyed and alone in her economy seat when her boyfriend was upgraded to business class without her.

After two years of dating, the couple were on their second trip together.

In a post on Reddit, she explained that one year earlier her other half had sat in business class after purchasing his premium ticket using his frequent flyer points.

Because the couple buy their flights separately, the woman was left in economy for every leg of the 22-hour trip.

She said: "I told him that he should sit in business since that is what he paid for, and it would be selfish of me to ask him to downgrade to economy just so we could sit together."

But issues mounted between the couple on their recent holiday together when his seat was automatically upgraded – leaving his girlfriend to find out at the check-in desk.

She said: "There didn't seem to be any hesitation on his part nor did he discuss with me about how I would feel before he accepted the upgrade."

At the counter, she claimed her boyfriend never inquired about an additional upgrade for her too.

She added: "I was hurt and made a comment at the counter – 'so you want to sit separately?'"

His response was that it was a long flight and he wanted to be comfortable.

According to the woman, the pair were travelling on two flights with a combined flight time of five hours.

She continued: "I didn't say anything after that and just allowed him to do as he pleased.

"At the time, I wasn't sure if I was overreacting and I wanted some time to think about it."

Asking other users on Reddit, the woman wanted to know if she was right to feel hurt by her boyfriend's actions.

Several people in the comments were quick to point out that the couple should book tickets together using her partner's account because they might both receive upgrades together.

Most users were on the woman's side: "If my partner left me in economy so he could have a nice comfortable sleep, it would be the last time I ever went anywhere with him."

Someone else posted: "If he just bailed on me with no conversation, no consideration, I would be pissed."

While another user saw the situation from her boyfriend's point of view: "You established that it was okay for him to upgrade to business class on the much longer flight, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to assume you would feel the same way for a much shorter flight."

It isn't the first time family has fallen out over a flight either – a man sparked a passionate response after revealing that he wanted to give himself a flight upgrade rather than pay for a family member’s ticket.

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