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A WOMAN has sparked debate online after sharing a video of herself sitting in a plane seat after her flight had touched down.

The passenger, Batsheva Haart, who starred in reality series My Unorthodox Life, bragged about how patient she was after her plane had landed.

In a video she shared on Tiktok, Batsheva said: "Sitting in my seat instead of standing up until it's my row's turn to deplane."

She is seen sitting in her seat while other people around her start to get up and gather their belongings.

The video has been seen more than 2million times, with some people not that impressed with her willingness to remain seated.

One argued: "Some of us stand to stretch our backs. Has nothing to do with getting off sooner and hurts absolutely no one."

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Another said: "I stand up early because I get stressed about my overhead bag and holding everyone up."

A third added: "I wanna get out of there asap so I don’t have to wait behind a million goons at immigration."

However, some people were on Batsheva's side and agreed that sitting until it's your turn was the correct etiquette.

One said: "I CANNOT STAND when people start standing up and the door's not even open."

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Another added: "You’re all waiting the same amount of time."

However, a flight attendant got involved in the dispute and said that they preferred people to get up and off the plane as soon as possible.

They wrote: "I totally get it but I also want everyone up and out ASAP since we don’t get paid once the door is open."

Whether you should stand or sit once your plane has landed has divided people for years.

Frequent flyer Stephanie Miller, recently described the act as the “absolute worst”.

The subject came up when she was discussing plane etiquette on podcast Kicpod, which she hosts with fellow model Laura Henshaw.

She said: “There is one thing that people do on the aeroplane that is the absolute worst.

"And the first thing everyone does is stand up.

“I’m sorry but if you stand up and you realise everyone else is just standing there and the lines are going nowhere for 15 minutes, sit back down.”

However, the people who do it may be compelled by more than just a desire to get off the plane first.

Gaynor Parkin, a registered clinical psychologist and CEO of Umbrella Wellbeing.

In a recent article for Stuff.co.nz she revealed the reasons why people feel the need to stand up as soon as the plane has landed, even though they know it's unlikely to get them out of the airport any sooner.

She said that it was the feeling of actively doing something that often led to them standing up early and that sitting and waiting can feel like a waste of time.

She said: “You always want to go on to the next thing… you want to get off and get on with the day.”

There are also passengers for whom a plane cabin is a stressful environment, which can even lead to panic attacks.

Gaynor explained that those people stand up because they feel like they need to get off the plane sooner.

She continued: “Working as a psychologist for the last 30 years, I know plane phobias and people having panic attacks when they’re in crowded places is really common.”

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