A WOMAN has divided opinion after her friend gave her a free Disney WOrld ticket, only to ask for the money back as she didn't enjoy it enough.

The 22-year-old woman said her friend gave her a free ticket to visit Disney World as she works at the theme park so gets a number of them free ayear.

Despite telling her she didn't mind not going as she wasn't a "fan of rollercoasters," her friend still wanted to take her.

She explained: "Don’t get me wrong it was a good experience but I probably wouldn’t be doing this again since it’s not my thing.

"I’m not a fan of rollercoasters and she kept insisting on riding the rides."

However, while there, she said she not only had a stomachache but her friend "gave her attitude" when she asked questions about the park, not being a Disney fan herself.

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She said she eventually booked an early flight home after her friend ditched her for the rest of her trip.

She finished by saying: "We tried talking it out but she kept insisting I wasted her ticket when her mom could have used it and how she wasted the only day she had off with me when I didn’t even appreciate her effort.

"Now she’s asking me to pay her for the park ticket in full price."

Some people understood where her friend was coming from.

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One person said on Reddit: " I guarantee that 99% of people visiting her are only using her as an excuse to get free/discounted tickets to the park.

"It always kind of sucks to get excited to show something you love to a friend and realize that they hate it. Sounds like you were kind of a downer all day long and you weren’t interested in anything."

Another said: "If you agreed to pay a certain amount of the ticket you should pay what you promised."

But most people were on her side, saying her friend was out of order.

One person wrote: "She's being ridiculous asking for you to pay her back in cash."

Someone else agreed: "Her complaint that you did not enjoy the mouse as much as her mom might have done is ridiculous. She should be apologizing to you, not the other way around."

A third said: "She’s just being petty. We decide prices in advance, not pay for things based on how much we enjoy them."

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