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A HOLIDAYMAKER was shocked to find a bonus door in their hotel bathroom leading to stunning surprise.

Paloma Guisado Ruiz visited the Greek island of Santorini on a recent trip away.

She filmed the moment she found the secret door, with the clip since going viral, with 2.9 million views.

The TikTok footage shows Paloma – aka Palomafts – touring her accommodation at Dana Villas & Infinity Suites for the first time before coming across an “unexpected” cool feature.

The video caption reads: “We went on holiday to Santorini and we stayed in this hotel.

“But we didn’t know that the room had a secret door in the shower.”

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Paloma is seen entering the hotel room before heading for the bathroom.

She films a small window-shaped door in the shower and opens it to reveal a hidden room with a private swimming pool.

The long, thin pool extends outside and boasts incredible views of Santorini and some of the other Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea.

One TikTok user commented: “God that is paradise!”

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Behind the bathroom door was a small pool leading outsideCredit: Jam Press Vid/@palomafts

“*We didn't know* they paid €600 more for that ‘secret’ door,” joked Karina Miranda.

Another user said: “How beautiful is that room. I'll go in January when I win the Christmas lottery or the children's lottery.”

“I'm dying, how beautiful, how nice is everything,” said another.

Andrea remarked: “If I stayed in that hotel, I wouldn’t even go out.”

Paloma isn't the only hotel guest to have been surprised by a secret door.

Two women were shocked to discover a hidden games room in the Airbnb they were staying in – which they only found on their last night.

The pair were staying in a cottage in Aberaeron in Wales when they discovered the secret area, which had a piano, foosball table and comfy couches.

In a video shared to Tiktok, musician Grace Grundy revealed how the duo found the room behind a hidden door in the cottage's bookcase.

As one of the opens the door, Grace says: "Look what we just found in our Airbnb room, literally on the last day

"You think it's just a bookshelf, all good, nothing to see here.

"It's a secret room behind a secret door."

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