A TRAVEL expert has revealed why they think it could be better for passengers to sit in economy class, rather than at the front in business.

The luxury of the first and business class cabins is certainly very appealing, but there are reasons why the back of the plane is the best place to be.

One reason is that it could be much safer, if there's an accident.

Passengers sitting at the front of the plane usually fare much worse than those at the back, according to aviation website Simpleflying.com.

The site suggests that because planes only ever travel in one direction, the back of the aircraft is typically the safest place to be in an emergency.

They wrote: "Since planes do not fly into mountains backward, and the fact you nearly always see a tail fin in the wreckage, logic would suggest that sitting at the back of the plane would be the safest."

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The site also references an experiment from 2012, carried out in Mexico, where scientists deliberately crashed a Boeing 727 to study the effects of impact.

They said: "Their findings showed that those at the front faced the greatest risk, with the danger decreasing the further back you went."

So sitting at the front of the plane in business or first class might be more comfortable, with all the added luxuries, but if there's an emergency, you could well be worse off.

There are also certain seats in economy class that are considered safer to sit in too.

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While the back of the plane is the best place to sit in case of a crash, there are those who like to sit near the wings as well.

One frequent flyer recently told Fox News: "I always try to sit over the wing. I have always heard that is the safest — and it’s near the emergency exits.

"When the flight attendants ask the people in the emergency evacuation rows if they are able to assist other passengers, I always hope that they really can help us, should they need to."

Statistically, the rear of the aircraft is the safest place to be, but it might not always feel like it.

Madeleine Doyle was a flight attendant for 20 years, working on both domestic and international airlines.

She explained why those who don't like turbulence might be better off sitting further forward.

She told Thrillist: "The plane is built like a teeter-totter, and the most stable part is over the wings.

"Turbulence is worse in the back of the plane — it's much bumpier.

"If you think you’re going to be sensitive to that, sit over the wings."

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