Andrew Tate’s ex-best pal claims ‘he tried to rip me off’ after sponsoring him

A former "best mate" of Andrew Tate has opened up about sponsoring the social media personality and claimed Tate once tried to rip him off.

Daniel Knight is the founder of kickboxing equipment brand Sidekick Boxing and first started working with Tate in 2013.

Tate is a former kickboxing world champion who remains in prison in Bucharest after Romanian authorities arrested him on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and being part of an organised crime gang.

His brother Tristan and two Romanian women were also detained by police.

Tate started out doing videos for Knight's brand for a flat fee of £50, promoting his products while doing so.

After about a year he was contracted to the company, working for £1,000 a month. The business relationship ended in 2016, shortly before Tate entered Big Brother.

Knight told the Daily Star: "He's always been a bit of a hustler, but he didn’t really have any money.

"When he was going into Big Brother, weeks before when it was obviously agreed, he messaged me saying: 'Give me £300 and I’ll wear your t-shirt into Big Brother'."

Knight turned him down and explained: "I knew, through the TV channels, they wouldn’t allow him to do it. He’s crafty, trying to make a few extra bob."

On another occasion, Knight claims Tate told him he couldn't make it to a kickboxing show unless he lent him £50 for fuel for his car but Knight said no.

He added: "And then he walks in with a smile on his face and he went: 'You knew I was going to come.'

"The thing is, I knew how he worked, you know. He was just trying to crafty me out of another £50."

When contracted, Knight said his old pal used to go "quiet" during the month.

He continued: "And then, come pay day, he’d pull out all the stops and do this, this and this, advertising for you so you’re not going to argue about paying him next month’s money."

Knight admitted that the pair still speak "quite regularly" despite going their separate ways.

They discussed a news article about Tate just days before his arrest and Knight even sent him a WhatsApp message after his arrest (although it hasn't gone through to two ticks yet).

The Sidekick Boxing founder claims the company's profits have increased 500% since Tate's rise to fame. He has not removed videos of Tate promoting his brand despite the horrifying allegations against him.

He said: "I'm on the fence. I’ve nearly come to the point, many times, of just deleting it all. Sometimes that can just look worse – I don’t know."

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