Lorry-obsessed toddler inspires dad to follow dream and get his own license

Three-year-old Sam loves lorries so much he regularly stands outside his house to catch a glimpse of them.

But it seems this passion runs in the family.

Sam’s dad, 42-year-old Peter Cranston, was also mad about lorries when he was a child – something he’s now passed onto his son.

A conviniently-located haulage company up the road from the family’s home regularly lets Peter know if there will be an oversized loads, so Sam can come out and see the massive lorries drive pass.

The doting dad even bought Sam a mini truck when he was just one – so he could drive himself around.

At first, the youngster was too small to reach the accelerator, so Peter would control it using a remote control for him.

Peter said: ‘The second his legs were long enough to touch the pedals there was literally no stopping him.

‘I take Sam to truck shows, and he loves riding his little truck around there. He gets lots of attention and loves posing for pictures outside of the lorries.

‘It’s great to see that he loves the same things I did when I was his age.

‘He starts laughing and pointing while staring in a daze as the various kind of lorries goes past.’

Now, Peter has an official skill that’s bound to get Sam even more excited about the vehicles.

After years of putting it off, Peter passed his lorry driving test last year – inspired by his son’s passion.

He added: ‘Last year I finally decided to go for my lorry driving license. I’ve been meaning to do it for the last ten years, but there has always been something that would come up and take me in another direction.

‘But I decided it was now or never, and now I am waiting to start my first lorry driving job. I can’t wait to get started.

‘I can’t wait for Sam to see me driving a lorry. I think he will be so shocked.’

Peter is also certain Sam will follow in his footsteps, too.

He added: ‘He’s only three, but I am sure Sam will grow up to be a lorry driver. There would be something wrong if he doesn’t.’

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