BURGLARS in Greece who tortured a Brit mum to death may have been tipped off about £13,000 being kept in her house, it was reported.

Caroline Crouch, 20, and her 32-year-old husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos were tied up by three raiders and forced to reveal where the money, along with jewellery, was kept.

Caroline was strangled after being tortured and having a gun pointed at the head of her 11-month-old baby Lydia their Athens home.

Charalambos has told investigators he begged for their lives as the brutal thieves demanded to know the whereabouts of the cash.

The money was pay for builders after they bought a plot of land and was reportedly hidden in a Monopoly box.

Police believe the gang had information that the land had been sold to them and believed they would find a large amount of money in the house, in an upmarket Athens suburb, Skai.gr reports.

But according to newsit.gr murder cops are looking at whether the information came from within the couple’s inner circle.

A distraught Charalambos told investigators the terrified couple pleaded with the depraved gang not to hurt them and their baby, as his wife screamed for help.


The gang kept torturing her, convinced more money was hidden in the house.

“They kept telling me ‘where is the money, eh?’. I told them right away where I had hidden the money, so that the torment could end quickly.

"I heard my wife constantly screaming for help tied to the bed as I was tied up. The baby was crying, my wife was crying."

The thieves eventually escaped with more than £30,000 in cash and jewellery.

The three robbers forced their way into the family's two storey house at 4.30am after breaking a CCTV camera and hanging the family's dog by its own leash.

A fourth criminal kept watch outside the home as the other three found the couple sleeping with their child in an attic bedroom.

A police spokesperson told the local news outlet The Dawn that police believe the suspects broke into the house through a window in the basement after spending several hours observing the family.

An post-mortem examination is taking place today by and it is believed she may have been strangled with her own t-shirt.

Meanwhile police are colleting DNA samples from the couple's clothes and from Caroline's fingernails, which could lead them to the gang.

Samples from Caroline Crouch's fingernails show evidence of her frantic struggle as she was being strangled with her t-shirt and are now being examined by investigators.

"Clothes that the couple were wearing at the time of the incident and samples from the nails of the victim, who fought for her life and that of her baby, have been recovered and now being examined for any generic material that could help identify the perpetrators," said a police spokesman.

CCTV footage from nearby homes and businesses was also being examined and door to door enquiries were also taking place.

Another police officer quoted in Greek media claimed the gang had been identified and were well known.

“The three robbers are professionals. They have what we call a criminal past,” said the cop.

“That is, they are marked, they have gone through prisons and as it turned out, they are people with a strong anti-social element and a complete lack of emotions.”

He said the sadistic gang “used their hands” to kill the young mum despite having weapons in what was a “prolonged physical contact” with their victim.

The officer said the killers had the opportunity to walk away but didn’t.

“This clearly shows their intention to kill. In a robbery, the question is money. It was not necessary to kill to achieve the goal.

“They took the money, but they will be charged with murder. A crime that will send them behind bars for many years.

"They took the money, but they will be charged with murder. A crime that will send them behind bars for many years."

Caroline's British father moved to Greece twenty years ago where he lives with his Filipino wife who was today said to be in Athens with investigators.

Marilena Poniraki, who taught Caroline on the island of Alonissos where she lived with her parents, paid tribute to her.

"I will always remember her so happy, she was a very remarkable creature, it is a great pity what has happened."

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