A teenage girl has shared her chilling encounter with a man who tried to lure her to his farm while she was shopping on her own.

Jaycie posted the video on Wednesday to warn other young women to stay safe and keep away from "creeps".

In the clip which is now seen over 2.5 million times, she explains she started recording after noticing a man being suspicious inside a thrift shop.

While she is looking at clothes in an empty aisle, a masked man approaches to her and introduces himself: "Excuse me, my name’s Laurie I just think you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met. Can I buy one of those things for you?"

Jaycie kindly turns down his request and says she will be fine. But he continues pressing her for information and asks if she was engaged to someone.

"No I'm not." she tells the man, who quickly adds: "Oh I'm not either."

The conversation goes awkward when Jaycie tells him that she is only 17 years old.

The man says: "That's a good age to be."

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He carries on the conversation by mentioning how he got injured about a month ago and offered to show her his "banged up" knee. Then he asks her to guess which knee was his bad one.

Jaycie brushes him off and says "no idea" and the man goes on, saying: "It's the right one. Anyway, I live out in the country, and I got a bunch of stuff that I was trying to keep up after work.

"But it’s kind of fallen behind, and I’m looking for someone to help me. It’s a paying thing, it basically involves getting my stuff out of the garden and processing some things."

The teen girl quickly fakes getting a phone call to get out of talking to the man. Viewers said Jaycie's video shone a light on the danger of young girls being preyed by elder men, with one saying: "If he kept talking to you after you said you were 17, imagine the day he asks someone younger who doesn’t know better to go to his house with him…"

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