MINISTERS are looking at handing cops tougher powers in a bid to stop eco-idiots blocking motorways.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps are “working through legal avenues” to issue blanket orders preventing Insulate Britain cranks from blocking any roads.

It’s emerged that injunctions won by ministers last week only apply to named protestors, rather than the group as a whole.

They hope to come up with a solution that sees “ the judgements of our courts respected.”

It comes as the group targeted the M25 again yesterday despite an order being in place designed to end the chaos caused by their dangerous stunts.

A government source said: “The contemptible antics of Insulate Britain are no laughing matter for the law-abiding majority whose daily lives are being impacted by their obstructive behaviour.

“The police have our full support in clamping down on these dangerous protests.

“Legal, peaceful demonstrations remain a cornerstone of our democracy, but occupying motorways and major roads, putting lives at risk and causing untold harm, is totally unacceptable.”

They added: “The public expect us to ensure that the authorities have the necessary powers to clamp down on these protests and we will.”

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