A COUPONER revealed how she snagged a cart full of items for just $0.23 at CVS.

The deal-finder in her shopping haul snagged laundry pods, Gilette razors, snack pretzels and more – all for less than a quarter.

YouTuber Couponing for a Cause revealed how to snag the deals in a walk-through video.

First, she revealed she was going to pick out contact lens solution from Clear Care.

The product was on sale for $16.99 – but she revealed she had two $6 manufacturer's coupons, knocking the price down.

As she grabbed two packs, she said she also would get $4 in extra care bucks from CVS with her store card – saving even more cash.

Next, she then showed Whole Blends hair products from Garnier.

The product was on sale for 2 for $7 – plus she had a $4 coupon from the manufacturer, and a $1 extra care buck – meaning she'd make $1 back on the product.

She then advised how Love Beauty and Planet products had a $10 rebate if you spent $20 – and she also had a buy one, get one free coupon.

"The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to stock up on laundry detergent and Downy Unstoppables," the couponer said.

She grabbed a Tide Pods on sale for $4.94, and revealed she had a $2 copon.

As she stocked up on laundry items, she also grabbed fabric softener, liquid laundry detergent, and fabric sheets.

She showed several coupons for the items, and said she'll "hopefully get them for super, duper cheap."

Next, she went over to the razors – where she revealed Gillette blades that cost $12.49 had a $10 extra care buck if you purchase two.

She also had a $3 off one coupon for the razors– meaning her extra care bucks would give her cash to put toward something else.

Lastly, she revealed pretzel Flipz on sale for $3.79 – with a $2 extra care buck, knocking the price down to $1.79.

At the checkout, she revealed her total on her first transaction – with the Garnier and Love Beauty and Planet products – without the deals would have cost $73.58.

As the cashier applied the coupons, however, the price began to dwindle.

She revealed she found a CVS coupon in her purse, and got a whopping $24 extra care bucks on the transaction sent to her card – making the items totally free.

In her next transaction, she showed the price going up to $45.93.

With coupons, however, the total haul dropped down to $9.43 with coupons.

She rolled over her $24 extra care bucks from her last purchase, and used the leftover amount on the gift card – meaning she paid just $3.29 out of pocket.

Then, she revealed she made several dollars back in coupons.

As she calculated the total cost, she revealed she spent just $0.23 – making each items just $0.03.

She called it "a pretty amazing deal."

"I hope you guys can go out to CVS and catch these deals too," she said.

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