De Blasio slams MTA for ‘discouraging’ ridership with survey release

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Mayor Bill de Blasio took a shot at the MTA Tuesday, claiming the agency is “discouraging” ridership after its release of a survey highlighting commuter safety concerns.

Hizzoner vented his frustration with the agency during a subway ride with reporters in Upper Manhattan, insisting the mode of transportation is safe, citing the recent addition of 644 cops to its patrols.

“Look, the MTA should be telling people it’s right to come back, not discouraging them. Because regular everyday New Yorkers know that the subways are safe,” de Blasio said.

“I’d urge the MTA to work with us — not put down their own subways, but actually promote their own subways,” he railed.

According to a March survey from the transit agency, 72 percent of over 25,000 active subway and bus riders said they were “very concerned” over crime and harassment during the commute.

The survey showed just 26 percent were “satisfied” with “safety from crime and harassment on trains” — a 15.1 percent dip from September.

Interim Transit President Sarah Feinberg used survey’s findings to reiterate her call for a beefed up NYPD presence in the transit system.

But de Blasio on Tuesday argued there are already enough cops patrolling the subways.

“There’s no question,” the mayor responded when asked if 644 additional officers is enough. “It’s a huge show of force.”

Rather than expose its perceived shortfalls, de Blasio said the MTA should celebrate its successes.

“They need to talk about what’s working — because the subways are cleaner than they’ve ever been. That’s great! That’s a good thing,” he said.

“Whatever their motivation, I would urge them — take a constructive approach and help people come back. That’s the bottom line.”

Responding to de Blasio’s comments, MTA spokesman Tim Minton told The Post: “We’re glad the mayor finally rode the subway this week.”

“The reality is that our riders, transit workers and those who want to come back to this great city have been crystal clear in telling us what they need – a system that feels safe for them and their families.”

Minton said de Blasio should “act decisively, to provide the safety resources riders have been demanding.”

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