Einar raps in tragic final video as it emerges Swedish star received death threats days before he was executed in street

THE tragic final video of Swedish artist Einar shows him having fun and rapping with pals beforehe was shot dead in the street.

It emerged that the 19-year-old, whose real name was Nils Gronberg, recieved death threats online just days before he was killed execution-style in Stockholm.

Fellow artist and close pal Vc Barre shared a video of him and Einar rapping and dancing, captioned: "This is this morning. Rest in peace my fine brother."

He shared another post saying he "went to pieces" after hearing the news of Einar's death after being with him just one hour before he was fatally shot.

It seems the rapper may have chillingly been warned about his doomed fate in a series of messages on social media, according to local news outlets.

One posted just four days before his death reportedly read: "The boy will die anytime".

"Poppa Einár, poppa Einár," another terrifying post said, seemingly in reference to the sound of a gun shot, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported.

Einar, who was the most-streamed artist on Spotify in Sweden, was shot several times in the head and the chest outside his apartment building shortly before 11pm on Thursday.

Ambulance personnel administered first aid but he died at the scene.

Police launched a murder investigation and were hunting two suspects.

The motive of the shooting remains unclear and it is not known if the threats were linked to the rapper's death.

The teen had been caught up in a gang feud last year, when he was kidnapped and beaten up by rival rappers who allegedly had ties to one of Stockholm's most violent groups.

The kidnappers posted pictures of Einar to social media while he was being held by them and claimed they sexually assaulted him in an attempt to humiliate him.

No one was charged with sexual assault in the case.

Several people, including rappers Yasin Byn and Haval Khalil, were given prison terms for their role in the abduction.

The verdict was appealed and the case is currently being heard by the Svea Court of Appeal, which is expected to go on until December.


According to public broadcaster Sveriges Radio, Einar had been summoned to testify in the ongoing trial next week.

Einar had also been called to testify in the original district court trial, but never showed up.

Daily Aftonbladet reported Einar was living with a "price on his head" after a series of threats against him which had escalated recently.

He himself was one of several suspects arrested for a stabbing at a restaurant in central Stockholm earlier this month.

Swedish tabloid Expressen said that Einar's songs often dealt with crime and the rapper allegedly had strong connections with local criminal gangs.

Recently, he had been seen hanging out and partying with gang members.

Following his abduction and assault, Einar announced on Instagram he was feeling well. 

He said: “Yo yo yo, what's happening Instagram, yo. Your brother here. Well, I only have one thing to say to you. 

“Everyone out there can be kidnapped, everyone out there can be beaten. I feel good, I am alive and no one can do what I do so I will continue what I do as long as I stand on my feet."

The rapper made his debut at 16, released four albums, had tens of millions of streams on music platforms and won several Swedish Grammys and other awards.

Many of his songs refer to a life of crime, including drugs and weapons.

Einar was a real brother to me and I will miss him so much.

The son of Swedish actress Lena Nilsson, Einar grew up in southern Stockholm and often referred to the crime scene in the area in his work.

He started his career posting songs to social media, and broke through in 2019 releasing "Katten i trakten" (The cat in the area), which hit number one on Sweden's singles chart.

He won several music awards, including Swedish Grammys.

Fans and friends expressed their grief on Einar's social media.

"Einar was a real brother to me and I will miss him so much. We just released our first record last week and it feels so strange since I spoke to him just a day ago," producer Trobi wrote on Instagram.

The shooting is suspected to be linked to gang conflicts in the city – an issue that has been growing over the past decade.

Another lesser-known Swedish rapper, 23-year-old Rozh Shamal, was also killed in a 2019 gangland shooting.

Sweden has in recent years struggled to rein in rising shootings and bombings — usually settlings of scores by gangs and organised crime involved in drug trafficking.

It has gone from having one of the lowest rates of gun crime in Europe to suffering one of the highest over the past two decades. 

As of October 15, 273 shootings had been recorded with 40 people dead so far in 2021, according to police statistics.

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