Siblings make £2m filming each others OnlyFans content – and parents are proud

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A brother and sister are taking OnlyFans by storm – and they help each other to film their content.

Daisy Drew deiced to follow in her sibling’s footsteps after seeing him raking in a fortune.

The 24-year-old, from Glasgow, was travelling around New Zealand when she ran out of money.

She knew her brother Sean Austin, 29, had a job on the adult subscription site because he’d signed up back in December 2019.

So in February 2021, she decided to take the plunge too.

The duo now help each other to shoot content for each other – but are horrified when people ask them to do “explicit” films together.

Daisy said: “We have similar fans and people that follow us both – people say they don’t know who they fancy more out of me and Sean.

“It’s very common that I receive custom content requests and one extreme one was someone specifically requesting for me to film an explicit video with my brother – even though he’s gay – in exchange for $1,000.

“Obviously there was no way I was going to do that."

The OnlyFans star doesn’t feel awkward about her brother taking sexy pictures of her though.

She explained: “When you’ve been in the industry long enough, nothing is embarrassing anymore."

“It’s easier because Sean is gay, so it’s not embarrassing being in my underwear or showing my boobs, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all."

She added: “He is such a perfectionist and so honest with me – sometimes I’ll show him content and he’ll say if it’s not good. He keeps me grounded and tells me the truth, and I trust him more than most people, so he’s the best for taking content with.”

Daisy even refers male fans who are struggling with their sexuality to her brother's page.

She said: “I’ve had fans who are in the closet who have confided in me and so I refer them on to Sean.

“I watched my brother grow up as a teenager struggling with his sexuality and now he is so proud to be gay.

“I’ve never seen him so happy and now he can do the same for other guys, making them feel confident and helping them to accept themselves.”

Sean added: “I love being able to not only earn a living by being open about my sexuality but knowing that it’s helping others along the way.”

Daisy was nervous to tell her parents about her career plans – but they have been supportive of their kids’ OnlyFans ventures.

The siblings have made £2 million and moved to London, where they live in luxurious apartments that overlook the capital.

They have paid off their parents’ £30,000 mortgage and are even whisking them off on holiday to Los Angeles soon.

Daisy said: “It’s nice to give the whole family something more than money: time.

“We’re going to Los Angeles soon and me and my brother paid for all of that.

"We’ve got a huge AirBnB with a massive private pool and it will be our first family holiday in about 10 years. We’ve never been able to afford it.

"People work all week and the whole year to have two weeks of holiday, and I understand it and have seen my mum and dad do it too, but to be in the position to have life experiences and create memories – you can’t put a price on it.”

Daisy continued: "My dad is really proud of me, he’s supportive of what I do.

“He’s a typical Glaswegian man, he loves football and is a man’s man, so you’d assume he would be ashamed but it was a different story when I told him [about OnlyFans].

“The main thing is me and my brother are safe and happy, and that’s all our parents care about – and all any parents should care about.

“I get that it’s not a normal job, but I’m the exact same person I’ve always been when I put my phone down.”

Sean added: “When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, I felt so fortunate but at the same time it can feel like a lot of people don’t understand.

“When Daisy began her OnlyFans page and became successful I was so grateful that not only did I have someone to share this journey with, but it was my sister as well.

“It’s been so great that we can both fully look after our family, and it’s really brought us all a lot closer…

“It’s so crazy to see how far Daisy and I have come as just a few years ago we were sharing a tiny flat in Glasgow.

“I can’t wait to see where all this takes us.”

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