An annoyed mum whose kids are growing up in a property with black mould claims her vicar landlord refuses to sort the problem.

Sarah Richards, 33, says whenever she has complained about the hideous damp conditions, she is shrugged off by her landlord who tells her to “just move out”.

The mother of three from Redruth, Cornwall has spent the last five years renting from Rev Ian Livingston, but the last four of those have allegedly been spent with mouldy walls.

Sarah said she “tried everything” to get rid of it from deep cleaning to opening windows and putting the heating on but conceded the mould was caused by damp she could not stop.

She told CornwallLive: “It was in every single room.

“Even in the hallway. In the kitchen, my bedroom, the girls' room. I saw in theirs the wallpaper had begun to pull down with damp under there.

“When environmental health came they ran their hand down the wall and it was soaking.”

Pictures Sarah took show the extent of the mould problem.

It coats the lower walls of most rooms, and is particularly shocking against the pink wallpaper of her children's bedroom.

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Sarah reported the issue to environmental health around six months after first discovering the damp – having hoped she could fix it herself at first – and then contacted Rev Livingston, the landlord.

She said he was extremely unhappy she had called in professional help and refused to fix it. When asked what Sarah should do suggested she simply move out.

Sarah said that the trend has continued for many years. The damp flares up several times a year, worse in the cold and wet months, and with that comes more black mould.

But her landlord continues to tell her he will not fix anything and that the house is entirely her responsibility.

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When she protests, he tells her to move out.

“Move out with what funds?” Sarah continued, “I can’t just up and move, I don’t have the money for that.

"And besides, have you tried to find somewhere to live in Cornwall?

“I’m on every site, I’m on the list for Coastline Housing. I’m putting myself out there but I can’t.

“It’s a nightmare, my daughter is mildly asthmatic and it gets worse with the mould. My other kids never used to get coughs but now they’re always spluttering.

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“My partner has breathing issues and it makes it worse too. I am afraid of people coming over to my house.

“It’s not messy, but the mould makes me feel like it’s dirty and disgusting.”

The mould was last reported around a week and a half ago.

CornwallLive approached Rev Livingston for a response to Sarah’s complaints, but he declined to comment.

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