AFTER roasting in the heat over the Bank Holiday weekend, Brits can now tell if they're dehydrated with this clever hack.

With temperatures expected to keep soaring after hitting a scorching 25C yesterday, a new scale can indicate if we're dehydrated based on the colour of our pee.

Devised by colour experts Pantone and Highland Spring, the five colour chart shows different shades of "yellow" to show if we need to drink more water.

The colour names range from "Spring in Your Step" for the lightest shade to "Drink Up" for the darkest.

It comes after new research by OnePoll has found 40 per cent of Brits are unsure of how much water to drink.

Almost a quarter of adults track how much they drink throughout the day, either by writing it down (22 per cent), using an app (26 per cent) or with measurements on a water bottle (27 per cent).

The study also found people are likely to drink more water if the weather is warmer (33 per cent), if they cut back on other beverages such as coffee (27 cent) and if they set reminders (21 per cent).

More than half the respondents do not take a bottle of water with them when they leave the house, while 23 per cent of office workers do not keep a drink at their desk.

Side effects of being dehydrated include dark urine (43 per cent), dry mouth (46 per cent), and fatigue (26 per cent).

Some of the benefits adults have enjoyed for drinking more water include clearer skin (25 per cent), feeling more active (22 per cent), and reduced cravings for snacks (18 per cent).

Pantone and Highland Spring teamed up with nutritionist Lily Soutter on how to help you drink more water.

The Sun nutritionist Amanda Ursell said checking the colour of your pee was an important step to stop dehydration.

She said: "If it's pale and clear that's good. If it's dark orange and whiffy, you need to drink more," she explains.

Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and nausea and can have more serious health consequences for the very young and elderly.

The affects can be both physical, resulting in lethargy, and mental, causing lack of concentration.

As a general rule, urine should be pale straw in colour – that indicates you are well hydrated and healthy.

But if it's a dark yellow, with a strong smell, it's a clear indication you are dehydrated.

In fact, your number ones could even be the sign of something more serious – with pee colour being indicative of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK, so knowing how to spot its early warning symptoms is vital in catching it early.


  1. Track the colour of your urine – if it's a dark yellow or orange colour, it's a sign of dehydration and time to drink water
  2. Keep a water bottle on your desk – the saying ‘out of sight out of mind is too true when it comes to drinking water
  3. Invest in a labelled water bottle – you can also opt for a water bottle with useful tracker markers up the side to remind you to drink at certain times
  4. Track your drinking habits on an app – apps can track your intake, alert you to drink, and help forge better hydration habits
  5. Flavour things up – jazz up your water by infusing it with fresh berries, mint, cucumber and even lemon
  6. Pimp up your water and receive a nutrient hit – add a small splash of freshly squeezed juice for an extra vitamin hit and a dash of flavour
  7. Enjoy summer iced teas – brew fresh tea with water and leave in the fridge overnight to cool
  8. Opt for hydrating winter warmers – ginger, apple and cinnamon tea gives you a warm kick
  9. Impress your guest with ice cubes hacks – pimping them with flowers, berries or even mint help sneak in extra water
  10. Add water to your recipes – try using water and your smoothie base or making homemade ice lollies

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