Homeless man with 25 priors arrested for rape of NYC jogger

Homeless man, 29, with TWENTY-FIVE arrests – and wanted over two other sex attacks – is busted for 5:30am rape and robbery of female jogger, 43, after choking her unconscious as she ran along Hudson River in NYC’s affluent West Village

  • A homeless man, 29, was taken into custody after allegedly choking, raping and robbing a 43-year-old woman while she was jogging in Manhattan’s West Village 
  • The victim was by the Hudson River Park on Pier 45 on Thursday morning when the assailant grabbed her from behind and strangled her until she passed out
  • He then removed her clothing, raped her, and stole her phone, headphones and wallet before fleeing the scene on a Citi Bike
  • Police arrested the man, who has 25 priors, at the Port Authority terminal after they found him trying to use the victim’s credit cards at a Target in Midtown  
  • It’s the latest in violence that has plagued New York City, which has seen a nearly 30 percent rise in violent crime so far this year 

A homeless man with 25 priors and who is wanted for at least two sex crimes was taken into custody for allegedly raping a 43-year-old woman along Manhattan’s Hudson River Park on Thursday.  

Police said the victim was out by Pier 45, near West and Christopher Streets in the West Village, at around 5:30am, when the man, 29, grabbed her from behind and choked her until she passed out, the New York Post reports.   

The assailant then removed her clothes, raped her, and then fled the scene on a Citi Bike with her headphones, cell phone and wallet. 

The shaken victim was spotted by a fellow jogger, and first responders took her to a nearby hospital. 

The suspect is also wanted for an attempted rape in October, and the sexual assault of another jogger long Pier 40 in March.

He was busted at the Port Authority bus terminal after police found him using the latest victim’s credit cards at a Target in Midtown, purchasing $39 worth of Red Bull.  

It’s the latest in surging crime in the Big Apple, which has prompted officials to deploy it controversial Strategic Response Group to crackdown on violent offenses.  

Pictured: The 29-year-old homeless man was taken into custody for the rape of a 43-year-old jogger in the West Village on Thursday 

The suspect was arrested after police found him attempting to the victims credit cards at a Target in Midtown, Manhattan. Police said he did a similar thing to another victim in October, using her cards at a smoke shop on Fifth Avenue (above) 

He was taken into custody at the Port Authority bus terminal, in Midtown  

Police responded to a call Thursday morning about a 43-year-old woman who was choked, raped and robbed while jogging near Pier 45 on Christopher and West Street (above), in Manhattan’s wealthy West Village neighborhood

Along with the sex crimes, the suspect has 18 prior arrests for petit larceny and assault, with seven additional arrests that are sealed to the public. 

The suspect currently has no open criminal cases in New York, the Post reports, with his most recent address listed as a homeless shelter Manhattan’s downtown area.

Most recently, he was busted for drug possession and possession of burglary tools in 2019.  

On October 6, police said the alleged rapist attacked a woman, 48, who was walking along FDR Drive near East 37th Street at around 5:00am. 

Officials said he came up to the woman from behind and tried to choked her. The man also allegedly tried to rip off her clothes and rape her, but the victim managed to fight him off. 

The suspect still managed to steal her phone and wallet, and police said he used her credit cards at a smoke shop on First Avenue.  

Authorities said he was also wanted for a previous incident on March 27, when he allegedly attacked another female jogger, 39, on Pier 40 at around 6 a.m. 

The suspect was said to have approached the victim while on his bike, knocking her over to the ground. 

He then chocked her out and sexually assaulted her before stealing her phone, police said. 

The two attacks appeared to follow the same pattern as the latest attack on Thursday.  

Gabrielle Sumkin, 23, who discovered the victim, told the Post that she was bleeding from her elbows and face. 

‘She was like holding her eye… this woman seemed like she was legitimately very hurt and it was clear that something had happened to her,’ Sumkin said. ‘She was in workout clothes but they were kind of torn up, they were dirty, she wasn’t wearing any shoes, she was just wearing one sock.

‘I asked her if she was ok and she was just kind of saying “I need help, I need help.”‘ 

Sumkin noted that as she tried helping the hurt woman, no one else assisted her. 

‘Nobody even looked in our direction, which was a bit strange,’ she told the Post. ‘No one else I think would’ve helped her, which was really unfortunate also. 

‘I would’ve liked to see a bit more of a collective effort there from the other runners, there were a bunch of them.’

Crime continues to run rampant in the Big Apple, with violent offenses up nearly 30 percent

The attack on the jogger is part of an alarming rise in crime that continues to plague New York City, where violent crimes are up nearly 30 percent compared to last year. 

So far this year, police have reported 1,384 cases of rape in the city, up nearly 11 percent from the same time last year. 

Felony assaults are also up by nearly 14 percent, with 21,767 cases reported so far this year, and robberies are up more than 32 percent compared to last year. 

There have been 102,914 serious offenses reported since the beginning of the year, compared with 78,892 in the same period of 2021, the latest NYPD data reveals. 

Although the number of shooting victims and murders are reportedly down, the overall rise in violent crime has prompted the city to send out its elite officers to areas with a ‘high volume’ of crime. 

20 precincts will get extra cops to deal with rising crime, which is up citywide by 30% this year

The NYPD’s Strategic Response Group is an elite unit deployed to violent crime and protests

Plans to deploy the Strategic Response Group, which has been criticized for its handing of BLM protests, are detailed in a police memo which also lists 20 precincts that will receive extra officers to deal with soaring crime.

They include eight precincts in the Bronx, six in Manhattan, three in Brooklyn and three in Queens, the Post reported.

The NYPD’s Strategic Response Group is an elite unit which is deployed to areas facing surging crime. 

The unit, which is made up of ‘highly trained personnel and specialized equipment’, is also skilled in crowd control and can be deployed for major events, including parades and protests. 

It also deals with ‘shootings, bank robberies, missing persons, demonstrations, or other significant incidents,’ the NYPD says. 

The city’s transit system appears to be bearing the brunt in surging crime, with about 1,865 reports so far in 2022, a 41.7 percent spike from last year. 

Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly claimed there is only a ‘perception’ that crime is out of control on the subways – even as he and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to better police and monitor the system. 

Under pressure to crackdown on crime in the subways, Adams said he would bolster the transit system with more police and extra security measures. 

The new initiative, Adams said, will add 1,200 more shifts, or 10,000 more hours per day, to enhance security in the system.

The plan came into addition to Adam’s initial Subway Safety Plan, a $97billion undertaking that has since swelled to a $100billion project after being implemented by the then-new mayor in February.

The plan saw 1,000 additional officers deployed in the subway to stop the already prevailing violence, as well as teams of health workers  into the city’s intricate subterranean network to crack down on crime.

It also comes as crimes on the city’s subways are now up 41 percent over last year, murders in particular rising to their highest rates in 25 years – with nine reported this year alone

Two people have been killed being shoved onto tracks this year, with 25 cases in total so far

The latest vow to crackdown on crime came after a 14-year-old girls became the latest victim of crime in the city’s subways when she was stabbed. 

The 14-year-old was on a train at Saint Nicholas Avenue and 191st Street in Washington Heights on Sunday when she got into an argument with two other girls and was stabbed. 

Since the start of the year, nine people have been killed on the subway system and another 13 have been victims of senseless shoved. 

David Martin, 32, was the latest subway victim that is know suffering from a broken collarbone and a swollen face after being targeted by a crazed man at the Wyckoff Avenue and Myrtle Avenue subway station at 2.40pm on Friday.

Martin is now traumatized to the point of being suicidal, according to his mother.

Video footage showed the horrifying moment the attacker shoved Martin before running away and escaping through the turnstiles.

Another man was rescued by Good Samaritans on October 15 after he was shoved off platform located at 149th Street in the Bronx.

Surveillance footage showed the horrific moment, the wide-eyed pusher stalked the 26-year-old man for seconds before running behind him and pushing him off the platform.

Video released by the New York Police Department on Saturday shows a man charging at a subway passenger in Brooklyn Friday afternoon, shoving him to the tracks. Similar unprovoked incidents have become commonplace over the past three years in the subway system

Violent killings on subway in 2022 

Good Samaritan Roland Hueston struck and killed by train as he tried to rescue man thrown onto tracks by New Year’s Day.

Michelle Alyssa Go, 49, was killed on January 15 when she was shoved onto the subway tracks on the southbound N/Q/R/W platform at West 42nd Street and Broadway. 

Marcus Bethea, 24, was shot and killed at the Jamaica Center subway station on April 25 while working as a subway card swiper. 

Daniel Enriquez, 48, was riding on the Q train that was heading over the Manhattan Bridge, when a gunman opened fire without warning on May 22.

Ethan Reyes, 14, fatally stabbed at the the 137 Street-City College station in Hamilton Heights on July 9.

Tommy Bailey, a father of three, died after he was slashed in the neck by a homeless man on the L train to Atlantic Ave Station on September 30.

Charles Moore, 38, a father, was stabbed in the back and chest after leaving a northbound four train in the Bronx at 10.30pm on October 6.  

Jayjon Burnett, 15, was shot dead on Friday October 14 by a known gangbanger just on a Far Rockaway A train just days before his 16th birthday.  

Heriberto Quintana, 48, was hit by train on October 17 after an altercation at the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue station located in Queens

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