THERE are "very promising" leads in JonBenet Ramsey's murder case, according to a team of volunteer private investigators who said they've eliminated over a dozen persons of interest since 2010.

The team has been working off notes left behind by the late renowned detective Lou Smit, who introduced the "intruder theory" to argue the six-year-old's parents were innocent.

Before Smit's involvement, Boulder, Colorado police and the court of public opinion believed John and Patsy were involved in JonBenét's 1996 Christmas time murder.

Smit's daughter Cindy Smit-Mara and former law enforcement officer John Anderson are among the investigators.

The team "continually receives tips or leads," but their primary focus is picking up where Smit left off before he died in 2010.

"He carefully compiled and prioritized his investigative notes in an extensive spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation," Anderson and Smit-Mara told The U.S. Sun in an exclusive interview.

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"Many of those leads are very promising."

Since the team of experts and former law enforcement started working on the case, they said more than a dozen persons of interest that were identified by Smit were crossed off the list.

They used their own money – and rely on proceeds raised by their GoFundMe – to test DNA and fly to different interviews.

"We used our independent DNA collection, testing and analysis," Anderson and Smit-Mara said. "The DNA left at the crime scene will one day identify the killer of JonBenet."

Smit's intruder theory – along with DNA left on JonBenet's clothing and under her fingernails – has eliminated the Ramsey family.

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The killer is "most likely a white male, who now has to be at least in his late forties or more likely older," they said.


JonBenét's family called for the governor to take the case from Boulder PD and bring in an outside agency.

Last week, Gov Jared Polis told The Sun in an email that no determination has been made, despite an online petition with more than 20,000 signatures that support the Ramsey family's wish.

"New DNA markers found could then be tested in the format required to do forensic genealogy," Smit-Mara and Anderson said.

"Then retain an expert to conduct a 'familial' DNA search for relatives of the killer in CODIS using the DNA profile of the killer currently in CODIS."

They said their relationship with Boulder police has been "disappointing."


Boulder police department has largely remained silent on JonBenet, despite the case's notoriety.

The department issued statements on major anniversaries and after the Ramsey family set up the petition to take the case from them.

A user tweeted at the Boulder police on July 28: "Get JonBenét’s DNA retested!!!! Why wouldn’t you want to put the murderer behind bars?!

"Either it will prove what the police thought or it won’t! You’re the problem!" they added.

Boulder responded by saying, "Your information is not accurate. The Boulder Police Department regularly meets with multiple entities regarding this investigation, to include private labs, the FBI, CBI, the District Attorney's Office and others.

"In this ever- and quick-changing field of DNA analysis and testing, we are constantly speaking with these investigative stakeholders to evaluate how best to proceed given legal and scientific rules and limiations.

"Due to the length of time since this crime first occurred, Boulder police must be extremely cautious with handling of evidence and analysis.

"The Boulder Police Department has spoken with members of the Ramsey family in the past few years who have provide (sic) information to investigators.

"Detectives have never stopped investigating leads that continue to come in and having the DNA tested daily in CODIS."


On Tuesday, John Andrew Ramsey, JonBenet's half-brother, retweeted the Boulder police's comment with a statement of his own.

"Holy Moly! A real-life response from @boulderpolice!

"So here is the issue…they talk a big game but every feeler I got out there tells me otherwise. Not to mention a terrible track record.

"Do you give them the benefit of the doubt?"

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