I bought two pet reptiles for £65 each but they wouldn’t stop growing & attacking me – then I learned the deadly truth | The Sun

AN ANIMAL lover bought himself two pet reptiles – but was shocked when they wouldn't stop growing and started to attack him.

Mr Ding purchased two cute critters from the market for around £65 each – and the vendor told him they would stop growing at around 60cms (24 inches).

He took them home and kept them in a tank in his living room – but he quickly noticed something was wrong.

The two reptiles kept growing, and growing until they were more than a metre long.

And they developed a bad attitude, starting to snap Mr Ding and each other – quickly outgrowing their small tank.

He was left living in fear of them – having to use a metal pole to break them up and fend them off.


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Mr Ding decided enough was enough and decided to call the local newspaper and the local zoo.

He was stunned when animal experts told him his beloved pet were actually crocodiles that could grow to nearly 20 FEET.

The animal lover was forced to give them up – handing them over to the zoo, reported The People's Daily.

The story – originally from 2015 – has resurfaced amid a craze of pet owners revealing them own mishaps, whether it being scammed by dog breeders or accidentally adopting wildcats.

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Pictures show Mr Ding with his two reptiles – showing them crammed in the tiny aquarium and him brandishing his metal pole.

The critters were taken to the zoo – where he would go to visit them,

Mr Ding thinks he was tricked by the the pet seller who gave him the two crocs.

"When I bought them they were only 30cm (12 inches) in length," he said.

"At the time of purchase the vendor told me clearly that these crocodiles only grew to 60cm in length and would not attack people."

He went on: "What were originally pets grew constantly in size and became quite scary.

"With its growth in size came its change in temper.

"When it sees people it will attack and constantly ram its head against the glass so I would use white paper to block its sight.

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"I needed to let them have a freer environment to live in."

Mr Ding added: "I will visit them regularly at the zoo. I hope they are happy in their new home."

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