23st influencer rejects ‘fatphobic men’ and ‘stomps them like roaches’

A plus size model clapped back at men who dumped her because she is fat.

Body positivity TikToker Olivia Messina has been vocal to promote "big girl confidence" as she encourages other curvy women to flaunt their body in fun outfits.

She previously dressed up in the iconic orange and white Hooters costume to shun "fatphobic" people and she pretended to jot down orders on a notepad, saying: "Do you want fries with that?"

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The Toronto-based influencer recently shared her dating experience and took a swipe at the men.

She put on a gorgeous red dress and did a powerful catwalk in her bedroom.

"When men say 'you're fat anyways' when you reject them, but you were fat when they approached you," the overlay text read.

Olivia added in the caption: "Stomp them out like roaches!"

Fans loved her positive energy, with one saying: "Oh my God that confidence! Hope to cross paths with you one day, keep on keeping on!"

Another advised: "Just got to ignore them, they got small insecurities between their legs, do the best at being you."

The fashion also inspired people "not to give a f***" and wear what they want.

"I've learned that my fat body isn't a crutch to my dreams but an avenue to them," Olivia wrote.

"Embracing myself has helped me already achieve things I would've never dreamed I could."

She called out haters who poked fun at her and asked "has anyone actually come up to you?"

Olivia addressed to the troll directly and said: "I'm 320lbs and I know I look better than 99.9% of the fatphobic user's in my comment section.

"If you disagree, post content of yourself for once and tag me in it boo. You all hate to see fat women happy."


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