I found a bizarre handwritten note from my entitled neighbour telling me to not park in 'their' spot | The Sun

A CHEEKY neighbour has taken the bother to write a handwritten note to a fellow resident to ask them not to park in their spot.

The baffled resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that they woke up one morning to find a puzzling letter attached to their windscreen.

They say that there is no assigned parking on Broomhouse Crescent and therefore parking wherever there is a space is fair game.

But one entitled person felt that they had the right to request a dedicated space because they regularly park there.

The photo of the note that was shared with Edinburgh Live read: “Hi, could you please park your car somewhere.

“I was parking my car in other streets daily.


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“You’re parking in my parking space daily.

“Thanks in advance.”

The person appears to think that they are entitled to a regular spot even though the busy residential street is essentially a free for all with no designated spots.

Residents in the area say that finding a parking space has been extremely difficult of late and that they have to take a space where they find one.

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The targeted resident said: “Morning I’ve woken up to this note on my car.

“My car is parked across from my house.

Of late my neighbours have had lots of cars parked on the street so unfortunately I will have to keep parking wherever I can get a space like everyone else.

“I do realise how much of a pain this is but there is no assigned parking in the Crescent.”

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