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EXPERTS have warned why you should never walk through airport security barefoot – or risk all kinds of disgusting illnesses.

Airport security is one of the least enjoyable parts of going on holiday abroad, as passengers struggle to empty pockets and hand luggage of laptops, liquids and loose change.

But it turns out that the whole affair could be even more unpleasant and could leave you with a skin infection.

This is because people have to take their shoes off at the airport, so end up walking on the floor without anything on.

Rami Calis, DPM, a podiatry instructor at Atlanta's Emory University, told WebMD: "The floor is often dirty where all those people walk through security. And it doesn't get any sun."

“I haven't taken any samples from these areas, but if we do I bet we'll find 101 different things."

Rami recommends leaving your socks on if asked to remove your shoes and to always pack a spare pair of socks if you are wearing sandals.

That claim has also been backed up by a study conducted in Finland, which found security to be the dirtiest place in the airport.



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This is because it is "almost inevitable" that every passenger will have to go through security on their way from the entrance to their plane.

Podiatrist Ebonie Vincent also warned against getting your toes out while travelling.

She told the Washington Post: "You could pick up fungus, not to mention the millions of germs and bacteria that you could transfer to carpets, inside hotel rooms or homes and cars, which serves as a danger to other people."

TikToker Nicole Jaques (@itsnicolejaques) revealed her best tips for being in the airport, and said: "Wear socks through security. It's the dirtiest part of the airport."

Avoid trainers as they can be a faff at airport security, slowing you down, while flip flops are also advised against in case you need to make a dash for the plane.

Founder of Sole Bliss, Lisa Kay said: "I’m going to be controversial and say that traditional trainers are NOT the perfect footwear for the airport.

"Taking them on and off means un-tying the laces and then re-tying them back up again, which can make you feel a bit rushed and flustered as you gather your things."

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