Inside Andrew Tate house where victims ‘couldn’t leave and were watched 24/7’

Disgraced social media influencer Andrew Tate allegedly kept six women at his property under house arrest 24 hours a day.

The 36-year-old former kickboxer is being held in jail for 30 days after he was arrested alongside his brother and their alleged two assistants.

All four were arrested at Tate’s villa in the Romanian capital Bucharest as part of a rape and sex trafficking operation in the city.

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Accused assistants Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu were among the four to be scooped up by the city’s anti-organised crime force, with the brother’s staff allegedly tasked with following the girls at the house, according to officials close to the investigation, reports the Mail.

They also allegedly made them take part in pornographic filming for OnlyFans and TikTok with reports claiming the brothers would take home the proceeds.

The Tate brothers are said to have lured the women to his villa using the promise of marriage and romantic commitment.

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The villa was searched for 12 hours, the product of a nine-month investigation that would free the four Romanians, one American and one Moldovan woman alleged to have been kept there.

Tate's arrest comes just days after he entered into a high-profile Twitter spat with environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source in the Romanian judiciary said: “The abuse was physical and emotional.

“They were not allowed to leave the house without security and they were watched day and night.

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“They were essentially kept under house arrest 24/7 like prisoners. They were deprived of their freedom and followed everywhere.”

The same source also revealed some of the suspected earnings of one of the girls was bringing in through the videos.

They said: “We have information – based on what they said on social media – that one of the girls brought in up to €50,000 (£44,350) a month.

“They were given no money from what they earned.”

Footage from the raid appears to show weapons, including knives and guns, being taken out from the property.

The investigation is understood to have taken place after the 22-year-old American woman being held at Tate's house got her phone back and called her boyfriend in the USA who then informed the US embassy.

The embassy then informed local law enforcement.


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