Real estate in Georgia in recent years has become very popular. Apartments in Tbilisi, Batumi and Gudauri are bought by both local entrepreneurs and foreign investors. As a consequence, the market in the last decade marked a construction boom that did not stop even in a pandemic. Due to the high tourist flow, there is still a high demand for rental properties. Those who bought a house here six years ago have already recouped their investment.

Investment in real estate construction is steadily increasing. And while investment real estate has risen in price, demand for it has remained just as high. According to Colliers, in the first quarter of 2022 the number of transactions increased by 20% compared to the same indicator last year.

The most popular is the new building in Georgia. It is perfect for both living and income. You can earn $5,000 – $8,000 a year on the lease. Average rental rates are from $50-70 per day. In the winter season, you can rent an apartment by the month and earn from $500 and above. Перейти к основному контентуСправка по использованию специальных возможностей Оставить отзыв о специальных возможностях Google As for prices, one square meter costs from $700, on average, $800 – $1200. Buying at the excavation stage is cheaper than at the completion stage. On average, a studio apartment can be bought for $40,000, a two-room apartment – from $50,000 and more. You can return the invested funds in 5-7 years.

The basic ​cities are Tbilisi and Batumi. Both cities attract tourists and businessmen from all over the world. However, seasonality should be taken into account. At the local Black Sea resorts, the season lasts six months (from May to October). Tbilisi can be called a year-round tourist center, so the apartment here will never be empty.

Many visitors consider the country as a «reserve airfield». Indeed, Georgia is a suitable place for temporary residence or telecommuting. Those who plan to stay here for a few years, instead of renting a house, buy an apartment. This is reasonable – after a few years, you can sell it and at least return your money back, and as a maximum to earn on resale (according to statistics, real estate in Georgia increases in price by 15-20% annually).

In the catalog real estate in Georgia of SEA INSIDE campaigns you will find a flat, apartment, villa or townhouse for every taste. There are both elite real estate Batumi on the first coastline, a stone’s throw from the sea, and trendy residential complexes in the central areas of Tbilisi (Vake, Krtsanisi, Sololaki, Avlabari, Saburtalo).