Just 33% of voters would re-elect Biden if the 2024 election was today, a new poll shows: A majority of Americans say they’re worse off than in 2020 – with the midterms less than a month away

  • A majority of American voters want someone other than President Joe Biden to run in 2024 if they election was today, the Fox News poll found
  • More than 50% also said they don’t think Biden is trustworthy and honest 
  • Democrats still hold a slim lead among voters in a generic Congressional ballot
  • But Republicans edge out among voters who say they’re certain to vote Nov. 8
  • 89% of people surveyed said inflation and rising prices are a top concern 

Just one-third of American voters would send President Joe Biden back to the White House if the 2024 election were held today, according to new poll findings published on Sunday.

A majority of Americans also believe their lives are worse off than they were two years ago, the poll found. 

The new survey by Fox News was taken from October 9 through 12, less than a month until Election Day 2022 when voters will decide which party controls Congress for the latter half of Biden’s term.

While a 54-percent majority said they want someone other than Biden to run for president, Democrats do have a slight edge over Republicans on the generic Congressional ballot.

Forty-four percent of registered voters said they preferred the left to the right for their Congressional votes while 41 percent said the opposite. 

However, Republicans have a one-point edge among people who ‘feel certain to vote,’ according to the survey.

Biden’s re-electability still remains fairly high among Democrats, with 71 percent backing him in a hypothetical current-day re-election bid.

A majority of US voters surveyed by Fox News said they would not vote for President Joe Biden again if the election were held today

The president’s low approval ratings have been a source of frustration for some more vulnerable Democrats running for re-election this year

He’s still widely unpopular with Republicans, as expected, but Sunday’s poll results are a stunning near-uniform condemnation of Biden despite his campaign pledge to unite all Americans.

Just 4 percent of Republican voters said they’d re-elect Biden. A whopping 91 percent preferred a different candidate. 

Biden is also lagging among the critical Independent voter bloc, where just 13 percent said they would re-elect him if the election were today.

Fox’s poll doesn’t appear to factor whether the person voted for Biden in 2020.

It does, however, suggest that Americans are widely dissatisfied with the president’s stewardship of the economy.

Inflation and high prices are a top concern for nearly nine out of 10 US voters, the poll suggests.

Fifty-one percent said they and their families are worse off now than they were in 2020, a 6 percent increase from May 2022.

Just 15 percent said they were better off, and 33 percent said they felt the same.

Democrats still overwhelmingly support Biden, but he’s lagging with Independents and near-virtually disliked by Republicans

Most respondents also said they are worse off than they were in October 2020, when Donald Trump was still in office

Biden was also lacking in key personality aspects that he held as defining traits on the 2020 campaign trail. More than 50 percent said he was not ‘honest and trustworthy,’ and 51 percent said he did not ‘care about people like me.’

It’s not clear yet what Biden’s effect will be on Democrats’ effort to cling to their razor-thin Congressional majorities, but lawmakers running for re-election are running a range of tactics.

The White House announced on Sunday that Biden would be campaigning with Democrat Rep. Charlie Crist in his bid to unseat Florida’s popular Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

By contrast, Democratic Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock refused to say if he’d support Biden in 2024 during his debate against Trump-backed Republican Herschel Walker.

‘I’ve not spent a minute thinking about what politicians should run for what in 2024,’ he said.

And in Ohio, Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan – who is vying for an open Senate seat also being eyed by a Trump-backed Republican – point-blank shot down the idea of endorsing Biden for re-election.

Asked about it during a debate against JD Vance in Cleveland, Ryan said: ‘No, I’ve been very clear. I’d like to see a generational change.’ 

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