Man posing as Stanford University student squatted in dorms for year

Lost their patients! Stanford University kicks Alabama man off campus after he posed as a pre-med student, squatted in dorm for a YEAR and made Tinder profile wearing college sweater

  • William Curry squatted in multiple dorms at Stanford University since December
  • The Birmingham native was living in the basement of Crothers Hall when he was caught and kicked to the curb on Thursday
  • Curry, 20, allegedly stole a television from the dorm, The Stanford Daily reported
  • The imposter had been removed from campus multiple times but kept returning
  • The university kept silent about the security threat posed by Curry despite his removal multiple times from campus and a student’s police report of harassment
  • On Tuesday, Stanford issued an apology, marking the first time the school had broken its silence since December

An Alabama man has spent a year posing as a Stanford University pre-med student living in the campus dorms, integrating himself into student life even posting on Tinder photos of him in collegiate gear smiling with fellow students.

William Curry, from Birmingham, had been squatting in at least five different residential halls on the campus since December 2021.

The school had removed Curry from campus multiple times but the repeat offender kept appearing – then disappearing – blending in with the rest of the student body.

He also attended sporting events and social activities – all while accessing many of the student residence halls, according to The Stanford Daily.

On Thursday, Curry was finally nabbed by public safety officers and kicked to the campus curb.

William Curry, 20, (pictured left) standing next to an unidentified male, posed as a pre-med student at Stanford University for nearly a year. On Thursday, he was kicked off campus 

Curry (pictured second left to right) clad in a grey Stanford tee has his arms around an unidentified blonde and brunette woman and male 

Curry, whose Tinder bio says he’s 20, impersonated a second-year pre-med student while living in the basement of Crothers Hall for the last few weeks.

Campus security finally caught up with him after he allegedly stole a television, the publication reported.

Some of the students reported he had broken into some of the dorm rooms and had harassed at least one student he had previously dated.

Meanwhile others just assumed that Curry was one of them – just part of the student body.

‘It seemed that he was a friend of the football players. So, anytime we saw him we let him in because it was like he knew people,’ one student said.

The Stanford Daily claimed the university kept silent about the security threat despite his removal multiple times from campus and a student’s police report.

Additional reports said Curry continued to return, interacting with residential staff who had not been made aware of the man posing as a student and living in dorms.

Stanford is ranked among the top universities in the world with a massive campus that has nearly 8,200 acres and a total enrollment of more than 17,000 students.

On Tuesday, the university issued an apology marking the first time the school had broken its silence on the disturbing matter, according to The Stanford Daily.  

Stanford University spokesperson Dee Mostofi issued a statement to DailyMail.Com on Wednesday confirming that Curry had been on campus several times since December 2021. 

She said the first time Curry was found to be living in a dorm, he was cited for violating the law. 

Since then, she said the university’s Department of Public Safety had obtained multiple stay-away letters – a prerequisite to citing someone for trespass on campus.

But officers were unable to locate him until his most recent incident, she said, on October 27, when he was given the letter.

The spokesman said some residence staff in individual dorms where Curry had been reported to be present were notified, but there were no broad communications about him to all Stanford residences.

Curry (left) smoking a cigar while posing with a friend who were dressed in matching outfits 

The bucolic campus of Stanford University is located in Stanford, Californial, approximately 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose

A birds-eye view of the picturesque campus that spans more than 8,000 acres 

For nearly a year, each time Curry was removed from campus he was able to return bypassing Stanford’s security protocols.

During this time, Curry told his fellow peers two different stories of how he became a Stanford man.

One of the bogus tales was that he was recruited as a high school junior to Stanford men’s track and field team, The New York Post reported.

In another, he said he was a transfer student from Duke and that he was also a Coca-Cola scholar, the news outlet said.

The scammer also created a Tinder profile listing him as a Stanford class of 2025 pre-med student that also appeared on his LinkedIn profile.

The distressing ordeal has made the school rethink their security procedures.

‘While Stanford University has protocols and policies in place to prevent non-students from entering and living in our residences, the unique aspects of this case and Mr. Curry’s persistence and ability to ingratiate himself with our student community has made it clear that gaps exist in those protocols,’ the spokesperson said.

Mostofi added: ‘We will immediately undertake a review to ensure our procedures do not allow for this type of incident to happen again.’

Stanford is ranked among the top universities in the world with a massive campus that has nearly 8,200 acres and a total enrollment of more than 17,000 students.

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