Martin Lewis says mistake made by holidaymakers makes his 'heart sink'

Martin Lewis says common travel insurance mistake made by holidaymakers when booking trips abroad makes his ‘heart sink’

  • The money expert advised that people book travel insurance as soon as possible 
  • His ‘heart sinks’ when someone who is suffering from illness  cannot get a refund
  • Martin Lewis promotes ‘ASAB’ – As Soon As you Book sort out insurance  

Martin Lewis says he is asked the same ‘heart-breaking question’ every year ‘without fail’ as many make a tragic mistake when booking a holiday.

In a recent newsletter, the British money expert spoke out about a common travel insurance mistake people make when booking trips abroad with holidaymakers.

Martin said that it makes his ‘heart sink’ when hearing of someone unable to get a holiday refund despite having to make cancellations due to illness.

With this in mind, he stressed the importance of not leaving travel insurance arrangements until last-minute and doing it ‘ASAB’ – As Soon As you Book.

Martin Lewis has revealed that he is asked the same ‘heart-breaking question’ about insurance

Martin explained: ‘Each spring without fail, someone asks me a heart-breaking question. 

‘Usually they’ve been diagnosed with cancer or another serious condition that needs long-term treatment, and they won’t be able to go on their summer holiday.

‘I say “that’s what travel insurance is for”. Sometimes though, they tell me they haven’t got round to getting it yet. 

‘My heart sinks as I have to tell them there’s no recourse.’ 

His thoughts come as less people are fearful of Covid and more are looking to go on holiday once again.

The financial advisor provided a number of recommendations, including a cheap annual travel insurance at £12 a year.

 For holidays with extreme sports or skiing he recommended that people check what they are covered for with insurance.

Oftentimes, insurance may not cover people who go off-piste in winter sports.     

He also advised that people check that their EHIC and GHIC cards are valid before heading on holiday to get access to state-run hospitals and GPs. 

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