Meghan Markle's first foray into the literary world hasn't even been published yet, but already it's being slammed as "dull" and "not for children".

The Duchess of Sussex's book The Bench, to be published by Random House next month, will centre on the relationship between a father and his son, seen through a mother's eyes.

It was inspired by a poem Meghan wrote for her husband Prince Harry to commemorate his first Father's Day as a dad to their son Archie, who turned two yesterday.

But even though no one's been able to read the book yet, critics are already lambasting it with particular attention being paid to its central theme.

Royal expert Angela Levin, a published author herself, told True Royalty TV's podcast The Royal Beat she doesn't think kids will particularly enjoy reading The Bench.

"Children's books are directed at children," she said.

"They like elephants, they like nasty tigers. They do not want a lecture about how different your relationship is with your father, whatever level of society you are at.

"This is a book for adults, not for children. Children are not interested in being told all of that."

She added: "Also, it is a very dull cover."

The front cover, as released this week, shows the eponymous bench under a large tree with birds all around it.

Also visible on the cover is author Meghan's name and title, which fellow royal expert Wesley Kerr zeroed in on for analysis.

"Her title is that she is the Duchess of Sussex," he said.

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    Representatives for Meghan have been approached for comment.

    More than a month out from its schedule release date on June 8, The Bench has already shot to the top of Amazon's bestseller list in the children's category.

    The book, illustrated by award-winning artist Christian Robinson, will be priced at £9.99 and will only be available in paperback.

    Meghan herself will narrate the accompanying audiobook.

    "The Bench started as a poem I wrote for my husband on Father's Day, the month after Archie was born," Meghan said in a statement.

    "That poem became this story. [Illustrator] Christian layered in beautiful and ethereal watercolor illustrations that capture the warmth, joy, and comfort of the relationship between fathers and sons from all walks of life.

    "This representation was particularly important to me, and Christian and I worked closely to depict this special bond through an inclusive lens.

    "My hope is that The Bench resonates with every family, no matter the makeup, as much as it does with mine."

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