Militant leftie Derek Hatton suspended from Labour AGAIN just two days after being let back in

FAR-LEFT veteran Derek Hatton was today suspended by Labour – just two days after the party let him back in.

Jeremy Corbyn's team sparked a furious backlash when they let the former council boss rejoin Labour after decades in the wilderness.

Now he's been kicked out again as party bosses investigate an allegedly anti-Semitic tweet.

The suspension came after one of Mr Corbyn's allies filed a formal complaint against Mr Hatton.

Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner wrote to the Labour general secretary highlighting a tweet where Mr Hatton said Jews with "humanity" should criticise Israel.

The frontbencher also said it was "appalling" that he was readmitted to Labour on the same day Jewish MP Luciana Berger quit in protest against anti-Semitic bullying.

Mr Hatton was originally booted out of Labour in 1986 after masterminding a far-left takeover of Liverpool council.

But on Monday – hours after seven centrist MPs quit the party – he boasted he'd been allowed back in.

The decision sparked an instant backlash which deepened after a tweet Mr Hatton sent in 2012 came to light.

He wrote: "Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel."



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Quizzed about the message in the Commons this afternoon, Mr Gardiner blasted: "I wrote to the general secretary of our party, I lodged a formal complaint.

"For the news of his readmission to come to public attention on the very day when some members of our party were forced out I think was appalling."

Labour bosses will now carry out a formal investigation before deciding whether or not Mr Hatton should be expelled for good.

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