THIS is the moment the Crawley College gunman was arrested after allegedly firing a shot at a teacher before he was tackled to the ground.

Dramatic pictures show the 18-year-old being detained by armed police after they were scrambled to the West Sussex college at 3pm yesterday.

The shooter started "ranting" before allegedly pointing the gun at a tutor – with his terrifying rampage only being brought to an end when a hero teacher tackled him to the ground.

Horrified witnesses said he fired several blank rounds before stabbing a teacher in the hand.

Neighbours living next to the alleged shooter's £300,000 home in Crawley last night claimed he is a student at the college.

It is believed the teenager had previously been suspended from the college.

Neighbours claim the gunman, known locally as "Dan", was "having problems" studying at college.


Armed cops stormed his 1960s two-bed semi, where he lives with his parents and a younger sibling.

Residents heard six stun grenades used following the incident at his college.

One neighbour told The Sun: “I knew he was having some problems at the college.

“They weren’t letting him study as much as he wanted, or something like that.

“I know this is a problem for everybody in lockdown but he was having trouble with it.

“He was a good boy and I would never expect something like this from him.

I knew he was having some problems at the college. They weren’t letting him study as much as he wanted, or something like that."

“I would see him most nights, coming out for a smoke.

“He lives with his mum and dad and a much younger child, maybe three or four.

“Mum and dad were both at work when the police arrived.”

Crawley College remains closed today and students and staff are being offered counselling following the shocking attack.

Terrified students spoke of their horror yesterday and said the gunman told pupils to “run for your lives”.

Armed police were scrambled to the college after two teachers injured following the frightening incident at 3pm yesterday.

What we know so far:

  • Gunman fired blanks at Crawley College just after 3pm yesterday
  • Two teachers were injured, one was stabbed in the hand
  • Dramatic footage showed a hero teacher pinning him to the ground
  • Armed police officers arrested an 18-year-old man at the scene
  • Terrified students said gunman screamed "run for your lives"

One brave teacher was stabbed in the hand by the attacker as he charged and knocked him down.

Students said the teenager was armed with a handgun and firing bullets in the grounds of the college before he was flattened by the heroic tutor.

Witnesses said up to six more courageous tutors then jumped on the gunman before police arrived and detained him.

Elise Stellebotte, 17, said she and fellow students fled their classroom after hearing shots being fired.

She said: “I heard several shots being fired really quickly and everyone dived out of the classroom. I saw the gunman.

“He was wearing a black Puma hoodie and a mask. I was only a few yards away and I could see he had this pistol in his hand and was waving it around.

Do you know the teenager? Email [email protected] or call 02077824368

“He pointed the pistol at my tutor and fired but they were just blanks thank God. He was so shocked.

“He continued ranting and shouting telling people to 'Run, run'. He was trying to scare people, deliberately. Everyone was pretty scared.”

Another student, Eddie, 18, added: “It was absolutely terrifying. I heard shots ringing out and they were unmistakably gunshots. I saw the guy.

“He was screaming at people telling them: 'Run for your lives, run, run!' and jumping around all over the place then he fired some shots.”

Meanwhile, a social media user claiming to be the sibling of one of the two teachers who wrestled the suspect to the ground said they were proud of what he had done.

Very proud of him though. Not sure many people would have done the same!"

The anonymous person posted on a local community page and said their brother is now recovering at home.

They posted: “One of the teachers was my brother. Luckily he is absolutely fine and is home now.

"Very minor injuries to his hand and wrist. His colleague has the same minor hand injuries.

"There's a lot of speculation so I thought I'd let you know.

“Very proud of him though. Not sure many people would have done the same!"


Officers said they were working with counter terrorism colleagues and “all lines of enquiry are open at this stage”.

But last night, it was confirmed that the incident is not being treated as terror-related.

Panicked and weeping students were placed under lockdown inside the grounds after the shocking incident.

A second student, posting on Snapchat, said a tutor tackled the gunman to the ground, adding: “The guy managed to slice his hand open."

A parent of one pupil at the college told The Sun: “Pupils were running into other classrooms while they were in lessons in terror saying to others, ‘have you seen what happened?’

He was screaming at people telling them: 'Run for your lives, run, run!' and jumping around all over the place then he fired some shots.”

“A teacher rugby-tackled the gunman. It’s absolutely horrifying."

Dozens of armed cops stormed the site and searched classrooms, while a helicopter was seen flying overhead two hours after the 3.10pm attack.

Counter terror officers from Gatwick Airport were the first on the scene.

Video of the moment the alleged attacker was apprehended was posted on Snapchat with the caption: "Crawley on a mad one today."

It shows one man – reportedly the wounded teacher – pinning a second to the ground.


A number of others, who witnesses claim are also teachers, can then be seen rushing to help detain the man.

Some students could be seen crying as they were picked up by their parents.

One mum, who wanted to remain anonymous, said of her teenage son: "He saw the whole thing. But he's too upset and terrified to talk about it."

A man living next door to the alleged gunman's home said: "He goes to the college.

"He’s a really nice guy – I have no idea why he’s done this. Maybe he was having trouble at college.

"I saw him last night out walking his dog and he seemed happy. It’s shocking."

Crawley College remains closed today with a spokesman adding: “Further to the incident on Monday, the College will be closed on Tuesday whilst we continue to support Police with enquires.”

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