New York doctors with private practices finally able to get COVID-19 vaccine

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Letters to the editor — Jan. 3, 2021

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New York doctors with private practices can finally get their COVID-19 shots, although some say they are still in the dark about who will administer the jab.

“I feel like I’m totally left hanging out to dry,” said Dr. Ivy Rosen, a Manhattan anesthesiologist who intubates patients at an outpatient center and is not affiliated with a hospital. “No plan at all. Nothing.”

The state, which controls vaccine distribution, is allowing doctors like Rosen to be included in vaccine rollout, beginning on Monday.

The independent doctors had been lobbying to be included in the state’s initial distribution plan, saying they give coronavirus tests and face some of the same risks as front-line workers who have been getting the vaccine.

Northwell Health, the state’s largest hospital network, said it has now invited about 8,000 doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and others who have privileges at its hospitals to be vaccinated.

Still, a spokesman said it did not anticipate being able to vaccinate all Northwell team members until the end of February.

Dr. Shari Seinuk-Ross, who started an online petition to push for the vaccinations, said doctors had been scrounging for information about when it was their turn.

“We felt very left out through all of this,” she said, adding she now has been able to sign up for the shot through Northwell since she has privileges there.

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