Nicole Kidman’s favorite hair growth serum is sold every 22 seconds

Since she stepped on the screen in her breakout role in Days of Thunder, Nicole Kidman has exemplified "hair goals." It's fitting that the luxury holistic hair brand Vegamour would enlist her as a partner and wellness advocate. After testing the collection, Kidman "found her hair undeniably transformed," saying it became thicker, fuller and "noticeably less frizzy." One of her favorite products is the Gro Hair Serum and it's our new favorite, too. Kidman originally discovered Vegamour during COVID-19 lockdown in Australia while searching for a way to revive her curls after decades of styling and coloring.

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum for Thinning Hair

She landed on this as her solution, not only because it's effective, but also because she supports the brand's plant-based approach to hair wellness. From lack of sleep and stress to vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, there are a multitude of issues that can contribute to hair loss. With this in mind, the Gro Hair Serum skips the harmful chemicals and uses a blend of vegan phytoactive ingredients to help create a pro-growth environment on the scalp.

Gro serum was formulated to increase the appearance of hair density while reducing signs of shedding to promote thicker, fuller-looking hair. According to the manufacturer, there's a marked improvement in as little as 90 days. One bottle of the serum is sold every 22 seconds, so, yeah, it's pretty popular, and not just with Nicole.

You can snag a bottle for yourself at Vegamour's website, and it's also available on Amazon and Sephora if you prefer to shop there.

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum for Thinning Hair

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