Nightmare neighbour 'Karen' cuts down shared fence without permission

Moment nightmare ‘Karen’ cuts down neighbour’s fence with a CHAINSAW

  • A resident was shocked when a neighbour cut down a fence without permission
  • They said ‘Karen’ and her husband are known for causing chaos in the area
  • But when they began cutting down a shared fence, they said ‘this needs to stop!’

A homeowner was left rattled after a nightmare neighbour ripped down their fence without permission. 

The woman is apparently known for ‘causing chaos’ in the neighbourhood, and is living up to her ‘Karen’ nickname as she instructed her husband to carve up the fence with a chainsaw. 

Posting the video to her TikTok account, Tiffany Mraj wrote: ‘Our neighbour has taken our fence down without any papers; she has threatened our contractors and has caused chaos in the neighbourhood.’

‘This needs to STOP,’ she added, while filming the incident at her parents house in Toronto, Canada.  

In the now-viral post the neighbour, referred to as ‘Karen’, is heard inaudibly screaming above the sound of the machine. 

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The two are shown butchering the fence and throwing planks of wood into the next-door property. 

As the homeowner calmly asks if they have papers to cut down the fence, or a lawyer, Karen screeches: ‘Call your lawyer, call your lawyer.’

He remains calm asking: ‘Why do you have to do this? Why do you have to yell?’ while Karen continuously screams with her hands placed firmly on her hips. 

In an updated video, another resident of the property encounters the persistent neighbour’s. 

Tiffany captioned the video: ‘This is my sister at my parent’s house. Cops aren’t doing anything about this.’

Fed-up of the neighbour’s actions, she yells: ‘I am not going to ask you again, stop cutting the fence,’ as they use the same chainsaw to chop the wood. 

Karen can be heard in the background screaming: ‘Get out of my property,’ while her other half points a working chainsaw at the girl. 

After much demand, the TikToker shared an update of the ordeal showing her neighbours continue to butcher the fence and throw debris into next-doors property 

The girl was shocked when her neighbour ignored her requests to stop and instead pointed a working chainsaw at her 

Ignoring her request the man tells her to call the police, to which she responds: ‘I did call the police.’

The girl continues to yell against their action, which prompts Karen to step in and physically push her away. 

In shock, the girl yells: ‘I’m a minor you can’t touch me, I’m going to call the police.’

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The incident has caused quite the stir on social media, raking in a total of 3.5 million views all together. 

TikTokers are divided in their opinions, most showing support towards their neighbours in the stressful encounter. While others are debating who the fence belongs to. 

One user wrote: ‘Fences are usually shared property. As a good neighbour, they should have communicated what repairs were going to be done.’

While others suggested they take more drastic methods, one person wrote: ‘Sue them for damages and have them rebuild the fence.’ 

‘Let them destroy everything and take them to court. They will need to pay for a whole new one and they are not cheap,’ another said. 

However, others were trying to figure out who actually owns the fence, one person commented: ‘The way the fence is facing, it would seem it is their fence.’ 

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