The massive fish and chip PIZZA that's 'selling like hot cakes'

EXCLUSIVE – The massive fish and chip PIZZA that’s ‘selling like hot cakes’: Country pub unveils £16 mega dish as chef reveals he invented dish to put a ‘twist on an old classic’

A country pub has unveiled a supersize fish and chips pizza drizzled in curry sauce to deliver the Best of British with flavours from around the world.

The combo of haddock and chips and mushy peas served on a curry sauce flavoured pizza base has become a massive hit with customers far and wide.

It is now a highlight of the menu at the Devonshire Arms, in the village of Middle Handley, in North East Derbyshire, just south of Sheffield.

The supersize portions may be more than enough for most appetites.

But customers are so in love with the creation that they are taking what they cannot eat home to enjoy it later.

A country pub has unveiled a supersize fish and chips pizza drizzled in curry sauce

The pizza is loaded with fish, chips, mushy peas, curry sauce and tartare sauce

Portuguese joint head chef Marco Caires, originally from Madeira, says the original plan was just to do a ‘twist on an old classic’.

But the £16 a head dish became an overnight sensation and is now a permanent fixture on the menu.

It consists of a flat pizza base, chip shop curry sauce, haddock pieces, double cooked chips, mushy peas and dollops of fresh tartare sauce, plus a sprinkling of fresh chives and dash of lemon.

Fellow head chef Gareth Nightingale said: ‘They are selling like hot cakes.

‘We like to do things differently here so when Marco suggested his plan we put it into action.

‘We have served up 30 or 40 of them a day, particularly on Fridays when people like a bit of fish.

‘It’s like Marmite. You either love it or hate it.

‘Now we want to do a twist on some other favourites. A burger pie is definitely on the cards.’

The pub, which dates back to 1750, is owned by Tom Maddick, 65, and run by his daughter Alex Tunney, 37.

Reporter Mark Branagan tries out the dish, which now sells around 40 a day

Chef John Thompkinson holds up the finished product after making the fish and chip pizza

Mark Branagan said: ‘It tasted very light on the palate and was amazingly more-ish’

He said: ‘It was four weeks ago that Marco came to me, saying he wanted to do a fish and chips pizza. I was blown away with the idea.

‘It was supposed to be a limited edition but we kept it on the menu because people kept asking for it.

‘One customer ordered four to take away. Another guy came here all the way from Northumberland and stayed the night just so he could get a taste.

‘The portions are supposed to be for one person but a lot of people have not been able to finish and it and taken it home with them.

‘The only traditional ingredient we decided against was ketchup. We thought it might make the pizza base a bit too much like a Margherita.

‘That’s why we opted for curry sauce instead. The response has been fabulous.

Fellow head chef Gareth Nightingale said: ‘They are selling like hot cakes’

Reporter Mark Branagan meet chef John Thompkinson at the Devonshire Arms, Sheffield

‘We have notched up 250,000 comments on social media about it and our posts have reached more than half a million people.’

Our reporter said: ‘Having seen the size of the portions I was expecting something quite stodgy.

‘But it tasted very light on the palate and was amazingly more-ish. Before I knew it, I had scoffed the lot.

‘The tartare sauce and curry sauce flavoured pizza perfectly offset the traditional flavours of the haddock and chips.

‘Both food and service was restaurant quality – and very friendly with plenty of Yorkshire banter to accompany the main course.’

‘I am not to much of a fan of either fish and chips or pizza on their own but together they tasted amazing.’

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