One soldier killed and another injured after spat at Austrian barracks

One soldier is killed and another is injured after argument between troops sparks shoot-out at Austrian barracks

  • The exchange of fire happened at the Austrian barracks in Wiener Neustadt
  • It happened shortly before 7.00am on Friday, December 6 
  • A soldier guard, 20, on duty was shot by the higher-ranking military officer
  • The injured officer was taken to a hospital, the degree of the injuries is unknown 

One soldier was killed and another injured after an argument between tropps ignites an exchange of fire at Austrian barracks.

The incident occurred at its airfield barracks in the Austrian town of Wiener Neustadt on Friday, a Defence Ministry spokesperson said.

‘In the airfield barracks in Wr. Neustadt, the guard soldier was killed and another soldier injured in an exchange of fire shortly before 07:00 today,’ ministry spokesperson Michael Bauer tweeted.

Austrian news agency APA reported that the soldier on guard duty had opened fire during an apparent argument and that he was then shot by the higher-ranking military officer.

The 20-year-old conscript, who had only enlisted in October 2022, is said to have rioted and fired several shots at his superior.  

Alerted to the ongoing incident, other guards fled into the room as the soldier threatened the officer and opened fire. 

In retaliation, the officer then drew his pistol and shot the young man.

The officer was injured and taken to a hospital, however, the degree of the injuries is unknown. 

As of now, there is no information about the initial cause for the bloody conflict.

The investigations are carried out by the murder and crime scene group of the Lower Austria State Criminal Police Office. ‘We are at the beginning of the investigation,’ said police spokesman Johann Baumschlager to APA. 

According to the first internal reports, an act of self-defence is assumed, and the relatives of the two federal army employees were already informed on Friday morning.

In addition to securing evidence, interrogations were also planned.

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