Postwoman dies after being trapped in lift for days as no one heard her screams

A postwoman was found dead after spending three horrifying days being trapped in a lift she entered during a paper round. 

Olga Leotyev, 32, reportedly desperately screamed for help from the top floor of a nine-story building in Tashkent, Uzbekistan – but her pleas were unheard. 

Her concerned loved ones reported her missing when she failed to return home after work on July 24.

Distressing footage captured the moment Olga, the mother of a six-year-old daughter, entered the lift on the ground floor.

On July 26, her family notified the authorities, prompting an intense search that led to the discovery of her lifeless body the following day.

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Her daughter is now being looked after by relatives.

According to one source, “no one heard her shouts for help” and the alarm system in the building was broken.

A previous inspection found the Chinese-built life was in working order although the life was unregistered. 

The prosecutor’s office has confirmed that an investigation into the incident is currently underway.

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There were also no power cuts on the day Ms Leotyev was found dead, Fakhriddin Nuraliyev, a spokesperson for the Regional Electricity Networks enterprise said.

He said: “This is evidenced by the records of emergency shutdowns. The cause of the incident was the malfunction of the lift. 

“This was confirmed by the residents of the house as well.”

Last week, another woman was also found dead after becoming trapped in a lift following a power cut in Italy. The building she was in, located in Palermo, Sicily, was hit by a blackout following a power cut on July 26.

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