Return train tickets will be scrapped for 'single-leg pricing'

Return train tickets will be scrapped as ‘single-leg pricing’ is unveiled amid long-awaited railway reforms

  • The change is expected to be announced at Westminster on Tuesday evening
  • Passengers will buy two single tickets instead of one return ticket 

Return trains will be scrapped after ‘single-leg pricing’ is introduced as part of the new railway reforms. 

Transport secretary Mark Harper will announce the changes this week after Rishi Sunak gave a green light to the proposed changes.

After rounds of successful trials testing out the new proposed system, passengers will no longer buy return tickets and instead will pay for two single trips instead.

The new reforms will mean the Great British Railways (GBR) will be introduced as a new public body which was first introduced by Boris Johnson and and Grant Shapps in May, 2021.

The introduction if the new public body was halted after it was criticised for being ‘nationalissation through a back door’.

Return train tickets will be scrapped for single-leg only as new transport reofrms as set to be announced in Westminster on Tuesday Evening

It is expected that Mark Harper will introduce the Great British Railways as a new public body body despite fears rising of nationalisation

 According to the Telegraph fears had grown GBR was a non-starter but it has been revealed by someone who read a draft of his speech that Mr Harper will show ‘the idea that GBR is dead, is dead’

It will be responsible for timetabling and ticketing which are currently managed by the Department for Transport.

There is also a possibility that paper tickets may also be a thing a of the past as Mr Harper is expected  to hint at the greater use of ticketing technology.

Mr Harper is expected to make announcement in Westminster on Tuesday evening. 

The formed deputy chairman of John Lewis and ex-chief executive of  British Airways is expected to attend as he conducted a two-and-a-half year ‘root and branch’ review of the railways on  behalf of the government. 

Critics argued that Mr Johnson’s interpretation of Mr William’s concept could have meant greater state intervention. 

Despite the new announcements fears still grow as many believe GBR will throttle the private sector role on the railways. 

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