The brother of vile killer Rose West has pleaded with vandals to stop shouting abuse and chucking bricks at his house.

Gordon Letts, 61, who was in no way involved with his sister’s sadistic murders alongside her evil husband Fred West, says his life is plagued by the unfortunate family link.

He told BirminghamLive: “I’ve had enough, I can’t sleep on the streets.

“What else have I got? They’re shouting every night. I just can’t take it anymore.

In the past, the former electrician was beaten up and stabbed whilst facing torrents of horrible abuse for being Rose’s brother.

But he has condemned her crimes and even admitted he “hates” her, revealing how he was oblivious to what was happening.

“Fred and Rose were so very clever at what they were doing,” he explained.

“They would show me rooms once everything was finished and plastered up.

“I remember standing in the cellar downstairs after it had been renovated and thinking that it was out of the way and the kids could play there.

“Now I know what was around me – bodies, the bodies of people I had met.”

Rose West is now 67, and was put behind bars for life without parole in 1995 for her role in the tragic torture and murder of a number of young women.

Unfortunately, Fred escaped justice and took his own life at HMP Birmingham aged 53.

Gordon also admitted he is still haunted by the image of his niece Heather, who was found under the patio of the West’s house in Cromwell Street.

“I was at a family meal cooked by Rose,” he explained.

“Heather kicked me under the table. She had a terrified, frightened look on her face. She was begging for help.

“I looked at her and remember thinking if something was wrong, she would be better off talking with her parents.

“Little did I know they were the problem and they had put the fear of God into her. I have a constant picture of Heather looking at me, begging for help. It still haunts me.”

Gordon now wants help to find a new premises because he says his current Birmingham home has become too hostile to stay in.

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