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Russian troops ended up opening fire on their own troops in a "friendly" fire incident that killed many colleagues and destroyed a range of expensive military equipment.

The accidental mutiny, which took place on Sunday (May 8), occurred when a number of Russian soldiers mistakenly used the brutal TOS-1A flamethrower against their own comrades, Express reports.

Victor Kovalenko, a former Ukrainian editor, tweeted: "A Russian unit on May 8 opened friendly fire on its own positions.

"The Russians annihilated their positions with troops & armour with thermobaric flamethrowers TOS-1A Sunblaze in #Zaporizhzhya province."

The Ukraine army promptly released a letter of thanks to the Russian troops who mistakenly killed their own men.

In a trolling statement, they said: "The leadership of the 97th Infantry Battalion expresses its satisfaction with the actions of the Russian occupiers on May 8 2022.

"Using the heavy Solntsepek flamethrower system in the Zaporizhia direction they actually burned the racist occupiers from Ukrainian soil.

"Such actions are positively perceived and supported in every way by the Ukrainian military.

"We understand that there is a tradition of cooking kebabs in May.

"Our 97th Infantry Battalion continues to destroy the occupiers on Ukrainian soil while defending and carrying out the orders of the leadership. Glory to Ukraine!"

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Vladimir Putin has not had an easy ride with the invasion of Ukraine as his army has come up against brave and fierce resistance from Kyiv's troops.

The Ukrainians have managed to inflict massive damage and casualties to the tyrant's invading army, with some estimating the death toll being over 25,000 troops killed in action.

Russian President Vladimir Putin would need to send 600,000 more troops to Ukraine to secure victory, NATO's former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe has claimed.

Sir James Everard also warned that the tyrant may turn to nuclear weapons to level the playing field.

Discussing Putin's need to "significantly escalate" his forces with The Sun, Sir James quoted a Telegram statement from the Wagner group – mercenaries allegedly with close ties to the Russian state – which said Moscow needs to send "600,000 to 800,000 men" for the "total defeat of Ukraine".

Sir James told the publication: "He is in a terrible place. It was entirely of his own making.

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