Russian’s given ‘old rifles’ as nearly ‘1,000 die’ in deadliest single day

Vladimir Putin's soldiers have been going into battle with "old rifles" as nearly "1,000 Russians die" in a single day of fighting.

In the deadliest day of fighting since the Ukraine war began, it has been revealed some Russians have been turning up to the battlefield using weapons dating back to the 1950s.

The UK Ministry of Defence has reported that many reservists sent by Moscow from the recent mass mobilisation were suffering from a lack of equipment and preparation for combat.

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A tweet on the MoD's official Twitter account @DefenceHQ on Monday said: “Russia has deployed several thousand newly mobilised reservists to the front line in Ukraine since mid-October. In many cases they are poorly equipped.

The tweet continued: “In September, Russian officers were concerned that some recently mobilised reservists were arriving in Ukraine without weapons.”

Open-source images purportedly showed Russian soldiers had been equipped with AKM rifles – an outdated weapon first introduced in 1959.

Many of these were likely given to them in "barely usable condition following poor storage", the ministry added.

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Meanwhile Ukraine's General Staff of the Armed Forces claimed that a total of 950 Russian soldiers were killed on Sunday alone, as Volodymyr Zelensky ’s forces continue to advance on the key southern city of Kherson.

They also revealed on Monday that 71,200 of Vladimir Putin 's soldiers were estimated have died since the invasion started in February.

The latest count brought the number of Russian soldiers taken out by Ukrainian forces in October up to 12,730, an average of 400 day.

It comes after a series of explosions struck Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine yesterday morning as Russian forces restarted missile barrages on civilian areas following recent setbacks.

Smoke could be seen rising above Kyiv after about 10 explosions, witnesses said.

New leaked footage taken back in Russia meanwhile shows a bloody fight between "drunk" Russian soldiers and high-ranking military intelligence officers.

The conscripts are from the 74th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, based in Yurga, Siberia, who are undergoing training ahead of deployment to the frontline in Ukraine.

The bloody fight indicates the chaotic reality of Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation drive for the war, as mayhem is seen breaking out among dozens of reservist troops.

Putin’s army intelligence and military police are seen dragging troops away from a bloody brawl.


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