Man slammed by flight attendant for making passenger move from the window seat – despite him paying for it | The Sun

A PASSENGER was left stunned after a woman sat in the window seat he had booked for his flight – only for crew to be on her side.

He explained that he had paid for the window seat as he likes to "lay against the window" during the flight.

He wrote on Reddit: "I paid for a window seat and I get to my seat and there's a woman sitting in it.

"I nod to the flight attendant that someone is in my seat and I'm told to just sit in the open aisle seat in the same row.

"At that point I politely told the flight attendant that I'd paid for the window seat and would like to sit in the seat that I'd paid for.

"The woman in my seat is told that she must move from my seat and take the open aisle seat."

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However, he said both the woman and the flight attendant were annoyed by him asking her to move.

He continued: "Now I'm the bad guy, the woman in my seat cannot contain how annoyed she is and the flight attendant is giving me the stink eye which continued for the remainder of the flight.

"In addition the flight attendant finds an open window seat for the woman while they both glare at me while she moves to her new seat."

He asked if he was in the wrong, but everyone on Reddit backed him up.

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One person wrote: "The flight attendant should have been on your side.

"You paid for that seat and you have every right to expect to get what you paid for."

Another person commented: "The flight attendant was extremely unprofessional. It should be no big deal for her to tell someone to move."

Others said something similar happened to them as well.

Someone added: " Same happened to me a few months ago, the other passenger removed to move and the stewardess wouldn’t help. I’ve complained to the airline, named the stewardess & demanded a refund for the seat booking fee."

Switching seats during a flight is a common problem, with many people finding themselves in arguments with other travellers.

One passenger was slammed by a family of four after refusing to move so they could sit together during the flight.

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And another man refused to switch seats so a mum could sit with their child on the plane.

However, a pilot has revealed why it can actually be dangerous to switch seats during a flight.

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