Should Zelensky have worn a suit to the White House?

Ukraine’s President Zelensky was heavily criticised for turning up to the White House looking like a ‘strip club manager’ wearing casual combat clothes. Do you agree with the 20-best-rated comments?

  • Commentator Tucker Carlson said Zelensky’s casual clothes were not suitable
  • Some praised his bravery but said a suit was appropriate for the White House 
  • Zelensky has worn the same green war clothes since Russia invaded Ukraine 
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was criticised heavily in America for turning up to the White House looking like a ‘strip club manager’ as he wore casual combat clothes.

Zelensky has worn the same green war clothes since Russia invaded Ukraine in February – including to the G20 summit where he appeared via video link.

Some people have compared him to Churchill as he appeared before the US congress, but others said he should have worn a more respectful suit as he asked the House and Senate for more financial aid in the war effort. 

Commentator Tucker Carlson accused the Ukrainian leader of dressing like the ‘manager of a strip club demanding money’ while the US suffers from its own border crisis. 

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was criticised heavily in America for turning up to the White House looking like a ‘strip club manager’ as he wore casual combat clothes

The comments came after the president of war-torn Ukraine finished his address to Congress, in which Carlson remarked his surprise that ‘no one threw him out’ of the event for his attire

Do you agree with these comments from MailOnline readers? 

His country is in the midst of a brutal war and Carlson wants the man to show up in an expensive designer suit? Bad optics, moron. Nonsensically calling him a s.trip club owner says more about Tucker than Zelensky. hit the lights, Denver, United States 

Shame on you Tucker for those disgraceful comments, and well done Biden for supporting Zelensky. Tilly Bear, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom 

You don’t need to wear a suit and tie mate. FindYouIWill, Farnborough, United Kingdom 

I guess he’s familiar with strip clubs…. Mollie, Stockholm, Sweden 

Sorry Tuckems, Zelenskyy is usually in fatigues and a flack jacket because he’s fighting a war waged by a madman but do go on about how he’s dressed from the comfort of your warm home. BennieK, Sheffield, United Kingdom 


Should Zelenksy have worn a suit to the White House?

Should Zelenksy have worn a suit to the White House?

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The irony is if Zalinski had shown up in an expensive suite , tie, and shoes.. Tucker would still have criticized his dress for being over extravagant when his country is at war– an accused him of using US taxpayer dollars to do so. It wouldn’t have mattered . Tucker needed something negative to say to distract from the successful meeting between the two leaders. Corn 44, Antarctica, United States 

Great words from Tucker. How dare this guy show up at our White House dressed like that. It is disrespectful to our great nation. We are the leaders of the free world and he should show some respect and deference towards us. Steven, Texas, United States 

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Carlson, an entertainment show front man,who poses as a political commentator is always ready to show his stupidity. Portnalls, Willand, United Kingdom 

That’s the most ridiculous comment. Does he even have a brain at all?! Not sure shopping for a suit is on his list of priorities. smiley, Dublin, Ireland 

Winston Churchill wore one of his iconic ‘siren’ suits when he visited the White House in 1941. If Churchill can turn up in a romper suit, I’m sure Zelensky can turn up in a green sweatshirt and trousers. Great men are defined by their actions, not their clothes. iimwnfcqvlrprswrgo, I dont live in a city, United Kingdom

Zelenskyy dresses this way on purpose to send a message. Freedom first, then you can worry about fancy clothes. CommNSense, Norwich, United Kingdom 

Tucker Carlson leads critics berating Zelensky for dressing like a STRIP CLUB OWNER during historic Washington DC visit 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky showed up to the White House wearing combat gear including a camouflage colored sweatshirt, similar colored pants and combat boots, a stark contrast to United States President Joe Biden who wore a blue suit

Yup he looks terrible in that green jumper. But he is fighting a live war at the moment. Give him a break. And what if he was dressed in a suit and tie? He would then be accused of being self-absorbed. wgh999, London, United Kingdom 

Recommend you take a look at Winston Churchill’s attire during WWII to judge whether he meets with your war-time dress standards… methinks he would fail this test too. Putin wouldn’t though, would he Comrade Tucker. CC, Anywhere Everywhere, Christmas Island 

Maybe Tucker should go visit the Ukrainian front line as a war correspondent, wearing his suit. tocc, Chichester 

He is a wartime President. His cargo pants and combat boots sent that message. Rugby7, Yokohama, Japan 

Fortunately most sensible people will judge Zelensky by his actions and words, not by hit outfit! Jules Stafford, Solihull, United Kingdom

Zelensky could wear anything and still remain one of the strongest leaders of our time. Be less selfish., Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

His country is being blown to bits. He travels with constant security and doesn’t sleep in the same place twice. I’m sure Zelensky has far more important things on his mind than his clothing. Kris in New England, USA 

He took off the suit and became everyman the day the war broke out. He was offered to be safely flown out of Ukraine to a safe location and he refused. He very visibly went out on the street with his people when he knew he was the number one target as a show of comradery. I mean come on Tucker, I know you’re stupid but not that stupid. My Onions Matter, The G on my keyboard is broken, Canada 

Maybe this moron should take a visit to Ukraine and see how they are living, what an idiot Tucker Carlson is! He should just go back into the hole he comes from! janstan07, Eancé, United Kingdom 

But not all the comments were so positive about Zelensky’s choice of clothing: 

Tucker is a flake, but I’m sure Zelensky could have located a suit. He looked as idiotic as Fetterman. Dillytop, Bristol, United States 

WTH! Surely he can afford a suit and tie? peanutsontoast, Woodland, United Kingdom 

Couldn’t agree more with Tucker. J.common sense, UK, United Kingdom 

We have given him a trillion dollars. Zelenskyy can show some respect. WyoRyno1994, TheGoodOle, United States 

You’d wear a suit if you were thanking someone for giving you 40+ billion. barrington, barrington Manor, United Kingdom 

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