Smirking killer gasps 'you're joking' as he's arrested for 1st wife's murder – in chilling echo of kids' author killing

A DOUBLE killer gasps "you're joking" after being held for murdering his first wife in a chilling echo of his arrest for killing his fiancee.

Black Widower Ian Stewart can be seen smirking in the back of a cop car after officers told him he was arrested for murdering Diane Stewart.

The monster gasps "you're joking" before muttering: "Ooh f**k you're digging desperate".

As an officer continues to read his rights, Stewart adds: "Oh for f**k sake, what a load of ********".

Stewart adds: "Have you got nothing better to do than make things up?"

He then shakes his head and smirks while looking out the car window.

Stewart was later filmed in a police cell shrugging when he was asked about Diane's death.

The footage bears a chilling similarity to bodycam video taken when Stewart was arrested for murdering fiancee Helen Bailey.

Again he weakly gasped "you're joking" as police swooped on Helen's £1.4million home.

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The body of the children's author was found in a cesspit filled with human excrement in her garage in 2016.

Evil Stewart had smothered his fiancee in a murderous plot to get his hands on her £4million fortune.

It wasn't until he was caught that it emerged the software engineer had killed his first wife Diane Stewart.

Her death in 2010 had been pinned on her epilepsy but a new investigation found she had been either strangled or suffocated.

Stewart was today convicted of murdering Diane following a trial at Huntingdon Crown Court.

Her brutal death came six years before the monster murdered Helen.

Bodycam footage was released in 2017 after Stewart was convicted of smothering the author.

It showed Stewart barefoot in his dressing gown being confronted by cops in a dawn raid.

He stutters "bloody hell, why?" and "where is she?" after being told officers had a search warrant for the home.

The monster also repeatedly asks why the garage door was open after he dumped Helen in the 14ft deep cesspit.

He had failed to disclose the house had a second cesspit under the garage and parked Helen's car over the covering.

But police found her decomposing body alongside beloved dog Boris and a dog toy.

Stewart was jailed for life with a minimum of 34 years after being found guilty of murder.

He will now likely die in prison after jurors convicted him of murdering Diane.

Police had begun re-examining her death after Stewart's conviction as her family revealed they harboured concerns about him.

An inquest found she suffered a “sudden unexpected death in epilepsy” when she collapsed in the back garden.

Just like from his second lover's death, the fiend stood to inherit money from Diane's passing – this time £96,607.37 from her bank accounts and £28,500.21 from a life insurance policy.

But in a "stroke of luck", Diane had donated her brain for medical research and brain tissue was also kept.

Scientists were able to use this to find her chances of dying from epilepsy were more than one in 100,000.

Despite Stewart's claims his wife was plagued by the condition, she had not suffered a seizure for 18 years and it was an "extremely low" chance her "mild" epilepsy killed her.

Even more sinister, a pathologist found the death was most likely caused by "a prolonged restriction of her breathing from an outside source".

The oxygen to her brain had been "substantially reduced" in the hour before her collapse – leading experts to believe she had been either suffocated or strangled in a chilling echo of Helen's killing.

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