Who is Ian Stewart and what happened to Helen Bailey?

A HUSBAND who was convicted of killing his fiancé has been found guilty of the murder of his first wife.

Cops reopened the investigation into Ian Stewart, whose wife Diane Stewart was reported to have died from an "unexplained death" at her home in 2010.

Who is Ian Stewart?

Ian Stewart, 61, was convicted of killing his fiancé, children's author Helen Bailey, in 2016.

He was sentenced in 2017 – and in 2022 stood trial for the murder of his first wife Diane Stewart who died in 2010.

Diane was ruled as dying from an epileptic fit. But further analysis on her brain, which she donated to science, led cops to question his alibi.

Following his arrest, he was charged and appeared in court pleading not guilty in November 2021.

However he was found guilty of Diane's murder in February 2022.

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Stewart has two adult sons and started a relationship with Helen Bailey in 2010.

Stewart was also the subject of the first episode of the true crime drama, What The Killer Did Next, broadcast in February 2019.

Footage emerged of the killer gasping "you're joking" after being arrested for murdering his first wife. He then muttered: "Oh f**k you're digging desperate."

As an officer continues to read his rights, Stewart said: "Oh for f**k sake, what a load of ********".

Stewart added: "Have you got nothing better to do than make things up?"

He was also caught on camera chillingly shrugging as police questioned him over the murder.

What happened to Diane Stewart?

Following his conviction of Helen Bailey's murder, police reopened investigations into Diane's death.

An inquest had initially concluded the school secretary suffered a "sudden unexplained death through epilepsy".

Diane was found without a heartbeat on the patio of their Cambridgeshire home where they lived with their two sons.

But a pathologist and scientists found the death was most likely caused by "a prolonged restriction of her breathing from an outside source", Huntingdon Crown Court heard.

And there was no evidence Stewart had left the house on the day she fatally collapsed, the court was told.

He also gave "differing accounts" of what happened and where he had been, it was heard.

It was also later found that oxygen to her brain had been "substantially reduced" in the hour before her death.

Diane had donated her brain for research, with experts finding she had been either suffocated or strangled, a "stroke of fortune" jurors heard.

Helen Bailey and Steward met in a Facebook bereavement group, which he joined after Diane's death and after the children's author has lost her husband.

Helen's remains were discovered in a cesspit full of human excrement alongside her pet dog, Boris, in April 2016.

How long is Ian Stewart in prison for?

Ian Stewart was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Helen Bailey.

In 2020, he was reported to have been considering an appeal for the sentence.

The news came as a devastating blow to Helen’s family and friends, four years after her brutal murder.

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